Day 2 – 6.13.17


A. Every :90 perform 1 snatch
If you miss a weight DO NOT add weight. If it is a sloppy lift – DO NOT add weight. This isn’t necessarily a one rep max day. If things are moving slowly, absolutely go for it. But if not, drop weight and build back up.

B. Back Squat, 4×8, then 1×10
Building up to an 8 RM in the 4 sets and then drop back to 85-95% of that for your set of 10


C. “Annie’s On the Run” (Courtesy of CFNE and you can thank Joe C for finding this one!)
100 DU
50 situps
200m run
80 DU
40 Situps
200m run
60 DU
30 Sit ups
200m run
40 DU
20 Sit ups
200m run
20 DU
10 Sit ups
200m run

*Fastest time I saw – 11:20


  1. A. 145, 155, 165(x), 165, 175, 185
    165 was a foolish sticking point weight today. I missed it and the second attempt was not clean. 175 and 185 were fine

    B. Wasn’t sure how these were going to go today but happy to report not pain.
    1×8 for these: 185, 205, 225, 245
    1×10: 225

    C. Still can’t jump and running is a bit problematic. Joe asked, “What do you have to gain by doing this workout except further causing problems?” And so I put my jump rope back.

    I did a full range workout which looked very close to a Train Heroic kind of workout:
    3×3 min row @ 3-4 seconds slower than your 2K pace (that puts me a 1:58)
    Minute 1: stroke rate at 20 s/m
    Min 2: stroke rate 24 s/m
    Min 3: 26 s/m
    Rest/walk 1 minute between sets

    I have done a fair share of work with stroke rates so felt comfortable with the prescribed rates.
    761m covered @ 1:58.2.
    765m covered @ 1:57.6
    760m covered @ 1:58.4

    These were all pretty manageable.

    Finished with EMOM 5: 10s AB sprint+10 GHD situps
    Sprints were not 100% all out. Lived in the high 80s/low 90s for RPMs

  2. A) 145-155-165-175-185-195 failed 5 times

    145 to 185 all felt clean and solid. I went against instructions with 195 but I really felt like I could hit it today. My last two attempts were as close as I’ve ever been – just need to man up and lock my arms out more aggressively

    B) done after the workout

    245×8 with belt
    260×8 with belt
    245×10 with belt

    my best set of 8 was 265 back in March. last two reps at 260 and the 245×10 were challenging

    c) 13:15

    There was some good and some bad in this one today.. The good – I did 100 DU ub for the first time ever. Honestly never thought I’d be able to do that. Tripped on every set of DUs after that but I don’t even care. The bad – I came in thinking I was done at 9:33…walked over to the whiteboard surprised at how fast I finished…then realized I completely skipped the round of 80 DUs and 40 sit ups. Went back and did that round beginning around the 10:00 mark or so. Dumb mistake

  3. A) 115-135-145-155-160-165-175-185f
    These felt ok today. Started to feel the left bicep fire up after 155 set so didn’t push to much after that

    B) 225-255-295-315×8

    C) 12:50
    Du unbroken besides set of 60. 1 trip in that set. The rest of the wod UB. Pushed the runs fast sit ups


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