Day 3 – 6.14.17


A. Deficit Deadlift – 5×3 building (stand on a 45# plate)

B. Tempo Bench Press, 4×5, tempo (30X1)


7 DB thrusters (40, 30)
10 cal Assault Bike


5 KBs (88, 70)
8 Box Jumps (30″/24″)


For time: 400m Run

Instead of doing a turnaround, if you can, start at the “Start A” stamp on the trail and run to the “1/4 mile” stamp on the trail (just past the white spray painted 400m mark). 


  1. A) 225-240-250-255-260

    according to wodify this was a 55# pr but I have never really pushed the weight with these before today. 260 actually felt pretty good but I still wanted to be cautious not to hurt my back

    B) 135-155-175-190

    started a little too light. Had more in the tank with these but didn’t have time to do an extra set

    C) 3+7

    DB: UB
    AB: 78 rpm, 68 rpm, 65 rpm

    The AB blew my legs up right from the beginning. The DB thrusters were relatively light, but my legs felt very heavy from the AB.


    during the 2 minute rest I didn’t feel like I could even jump up to the 24 inch box because of what the Ab did to my legs. Once I got a box jumps in I started to recover a bit. KBS were very heavy but unbroken. No chance of rebounding the BJs today

    400m – 1:15

    Not happy with this time at all. Breathing wasn’t the issue here, but rather my legs felt so heavy halfway through the run that I couldn’t get myself to go any faster. Might have went out too fast, but I felt like if I tried to pace this that I would have ended up just keeping that slower pace throughout.

  2. A) 275-315-335-365-405
    Back felt strong today as did the hamstrings. No issues here

    B) did not do bench. Bicep still bothering me

    DB were UB
    AB. Sucked
    Legs held me back all day. Trashed from the back squats from yesterday but also think we or I need those reps weekly.

    Kbs felt good. I think always swinging that 70 is paying off. Box jumps were fine.

    400. 1:18
    Legs or no legs this is the fastest 400 iv done so it’s a win. Agree with joe. So heavy.

    Extra. 3 rft
    20 box jumps overs
    20 burpees

  3. A. 185-195-205-215-220
    Really happy about how this went! DL has been feeling stronger & stronger.

    B. Still not able to do this. Did tempo DB bench press instead with 20# across. The strength isn’t the issue, it’s the irritation I still feel when I move my elbow behind my torso.

    C. 3+0
    UB thrusters, tried to keep the assbike around 60 RPM. DB thrusters are so much easier than BB thrusters for me – I think it’s because I can keep the DBs over my hips & in a more solid position.

    Subbed 30# DB push presses for the KBS. Rebounded the box jumps, 1 no rep when I didn’t land with enough stability.

    Felt SO good to sprint! That 400m turnaround we do during workouts messes with me, being able to just run without knowing you need to slow down helps so much. But this depresses me knowing how fast I used to run 400m in high school……….

    Not a bad day after eating/drinking nonstop for 3 days & driving 8 hours home today! Went to the chiropractor directly after getting into town because my body was so beat up after driving. I mentioned how I don’t squat well & bother me 24/7 – he thinks that an old knee injury from high school never healed correctly so it is pulling some muscles out of place. I am going to try K-Tape on the inside of my knee for a while to see if it helps at all & get adjusted more often. Crazy how he could tell one knee was messed up without me ever mentioning it.

  4. A. 185,215,225,235

    B. 65-70-75-80
    Probably could have gone a little heavier here

    C. 2+16, 1 rep shy of finishing 3 rounds. This part felt ok, maybe could have pushed a little more but was trying to have something left in the tank for the rest.

    4+12, I rep shy of 5 rounds. Was very happy with how the 70# felt today. Definitely not light but was able to do 5 unbroken each round.

    400m time was 1:33. Went out fast and died about half way through.


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