Thursday 6.15.17

Thursday 6.15.17


A. Clean – 5×3, building


B. Strict Pull ups x 5 (weighted if you can)
Other options if you don’t have pull ups:
Isometric holds for :20, Negatives with a 5 second descent, Weighted Negatives

Conditioning/Skill Work

EMOM 15 (alternate)
7 OHS (95-135, 65-95)
3-5 Bar muscle ups/HSPU/Ring Muscle Ups
8 wall balls (24-30, 20-24)
All sets should be Unbroken. Choose weights and reps accordingly. The weight listed are suggestions for today. Pick a weight between what’s listed and go with that for all sets. Today is a chance for you to work on movements. Think of this as a skill/training session.

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