Day 4 – 6.15.17


A. Clean – 6×3, building


B. For this piece, warm yourself up well and then give a max effort, unbroken set of each (you have one shot for that effort). Take the time you need between the pull ups and HSPU. We will use these numbers in the next coming weeks so if you miss today try to get these in at some point.

B1. Strict Chest to Bar Pull ups  – 1x ME)

Good hollow body position (feet in front of you, no arch in your back), make contact with the bar

B2. Strict Handstand Push-ups – 1xME
Make sure your head gets through at the finish position.

Conditioning/Skill Work

C. EMOM 16 (alternate)
C1. 8 Toes to bar
C2. 7 OHS (115-155, 80-105) -> your choice in weight
C3. 3-5 Bar muscle ups
C4. 8 wall balls (30, 20)
All sets should be Unbroken. Choose weights and reps accordingly. The weight listed are suggestions for today. Pick a weight between what’s listed and go with that for all sets. Today is a chance for you to work on movements. Think of this as a skill/training session. 


  1. A) 175-185-195-205-215×2 didn’t attempt a 3rd

    back didn’t feel right today and was tightening up even when warming up with 135. A big problem I have is that when I’m limited by nagging things like ripped hands or tight back my attitude turns negative and I lose all my focus/intensity for the rest of the programming that day. Need to fix that.

    C2B – 8 reps. Did these after the emom but that’s no excuse. Didn’t even attempt a 9th rep which all goes back to how I was feeling after the cleans

    HSPU – 18 reps. attempted these after the cleans and got 17 reps. I fell off the wall early the first time by mistake and I felt like I could have hit 20 so I had to try again. Got the 18 after the emom

    TTB – ub. These felt good. I think all of the core work we’ve been doing is paying off

    OHS – 155# ub. These also felt good aside from actually getting the bar overhead. OHS are one of the few movements I am confident in

    BMU – 3 each round ub. Marc told me to try and not pause at the top. Felt like I was able to do that for the most part. I have a hand rip from Murph that hasn’t healed so that made these uncomfortable

    WB – 30# ub. Aside from one round where the lopsidedness of the ball threw me off, these felt really good. The 30# ball is starting to feel almost normal which I’m happy about.

  2. I am a big fan of these days. So many things that I need to work on and don’t get caught up in time or where I stand…

    A) 185, 205, 215, 225, 235, 240.
    2nd rep at 235 had to sit in the hole to readjust my positioning. Standing that one up was work. For 240, I went to pull my 3 rep and completely came forward. Immediately dropped it to get a good starting pull and then made it. Pleased with the weight (my last 3 RM was 230 but that was almost 2 yrs ago)

    B) C2B- 10
    HSPU- 17

    C) all were UB. Goals for today
    Speed with T2B instead of a long kip – felt I accomplished that
    OHS – Maintain an upright position (these have been very poor from a positioning standpoint) – hit at miss. Used 115.
    BMU – stay UB for 5 with no break at the top. Accomplished
    WB – UB with no missed reps – accomplished.

  3. A. 125-130-135oxoo-140-145

    Legs are a bit weak from not lifting in 3+ weeks so I had to stop on the fifth set because I physically could not go heavier for even one rep. Those last 2 reps at 145 were GRUELING. My 2nd rep at each set felt like my best. Had one miss at 135 because I pulled the bar so high that it came crashing down on my & I crumbled under the weight immediately but redid it.

    B. 25 unweighted pull-ups. No pain here! Got one set of 5 but then I couldn’t maintain so I went down to 3s, then 2s, then singles but I got all 25 in.
    Didn’t try HSPU, would have had to be kipping but I wanted to save some energy for the workout.

    C. Meshed this with the RX version – did 3 movements (8 T2B, 7 OHS, 8 WB) & kept everything UB & no misses.
    T2B felt awesome today! John helped me fix my kip & I was able to hit all 8 every round.
    Only did 65# for OHS. Shoulder was feeling good today but didn’t want to rush back into a tough weight. Next week!
    Wb were fine, had to jump a couple times to get it to the line but no misses.


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