Day 5 – 6.16.17


A. Front Squat + Dip Jerk + Split Jerk – Build to a heavy complex in 6 sets


10 dual kb clean and jerks (53, 35)
100′ farmer’s carry (53, 35)
10 KB Deadlifts (53, 35)

Fitness: 10 knee pulls, 10 clean and jerks (85, 55)


  1. A) 175-190-205-215-220-225-230-235 failed jerk

    squats felt ok despite tight hips. Still struggle locking out my arms and getting my head through with confidence on the jerks

    B) 9:10

    c+j: ub, 5+3+2, 4+4+2, 5+3+2, 5+3+2

    Breaking up the clean and jerks so much really takes a lot of time even with minimal rest on the breaks. Forearms were the limiter there for me as well as shoulders getting tired towards the end.

    extra work:

    team Grace with John – 80 clean and jerks alternating 1 for 1


  2. Little bit of a mashup day. Still had Wednesday’s strength stuff to do so did that but couldn’t do the conditioning work from Wednesday (plus Joe AND John were in at 7 so how can I pass up a good time with them??) so did today’s conditioning.

    Deficit DL: 255, 275, 305, 325, 345

    Then did today’s conditioning: 8:30
    C&J: UB, 6+4, 6+4, 6+4, 5+3+2
    DL: 9, shake it out, sometimes walk away, then would do the last one and go right into C&J

    Tempo Bench Press: 95, 115, 135, 155
    Benching is still hit or miss with my shoulder. Today was a miss. There is one point about 2/3 of the way down where there is pain and then once I clear that point it is gone. Some must be being pinched.

    I between sets worked on UB C2B sets.


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