Day 1 – 6.19.17


A. 4x (3 Strict Press+5 Push Press)
This is the same complex that we did last week. Try and push yourself a bit more with the weight if possible

B. Using the same weight as your last set in Part A
1x(3 strict press+ME push press)

C. Build to today’s 2 RM Front Squat


D. Elizabeth
Cleans (135/95) – These are SQUAT cleans
Ring Dips


  1. A. These felt worse than last week. Not sure what is going on with strict presses these last two weeks but man do I feel weak with those.
    120, 130, 135, 135 (started 5# heavier than last week’s first two sets but struggled to get my strict presses at 135 today. Ended at 140 last week).

    B. 135×7 (last week 140×8)

    D. 7:16.

    C. Did front squats afterwards. Started at 135 and added 20# each set up to 235. Stopped there because my back is not doing so well (there is no code there, that is my actual injury, nothing to do with my undercarriage).

  2. A) 115-125-130-135

    wasn’t able to strict press 135 once last week so I was very happy to hit 135

    B) 135 x 8 push press

    C) didn’t do. Dealing with a weird pain in my right hip when I hit parallel in a squat. Decided to warm up for Elizabeth and try to make these up later in the week

    D) 7:06 (my notes say I did this on 6/6/14 and got 9:49)

    Cleans: 5+3+3+3+2+2+2+1 / 5+3+3+2+2 / 5+2+2
    ring dips: Opened with 5+3 in the rounds of 21 and 15. opened with 4 in the round of 9. I forget the rest

    Overall the cleans went well. Glad I pushed for a set of 5 to start each round. My legs burning so much after each round of cleans got in my head making me think I needed to rest before getting on the rings. Made a point not to go to failure on the ring dips – kept the sets to mostly 3s.

  3. A. 55-60-65-70

    So weak. 🙂

    B. 13 reps @ 70#

    C. 125-135-145-155-165

    Did after Elizabeth, legs were toasty! Got stuck halfway up on the 2nd rep of 165 but fought through it.

    D. 7:56

    Subbed GHD sit-ups for ring dips. Squat cleans weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be:
    21: 5-4-3-3-3-3
    15: 5-5-3-2
    9: 3-3-3

  4. Been awful about posting lately. Sorry

    A)95- 115-135-155
    Started a little light wasn’t sure how my bicep would feel. Was fine and was able to get 3 more reps than last week. Strict press felt stronger but not sure I would have made 160×3. Prolly not

    B) 7:00
    Didn’t have the legs today and did not stick to my plan. All small sets of 5s,3s and then singles. Wimp. Ring dips were fine. 11-10

    C) 295×2 front squat
    I guess that was to big of a jump.

    Emom 11
    10 ghd.
    Back at this one. Been doing a lot of planks and L sit holds

  5. I’ve also been terrible at posting lately,sorry!

    A. Little PR this week. Last week I got 12@95# this week 13@100#. Overall they felt pretty good.

    B. Also did front squats after Elizabeth. Started at 125# then jumped by 20# until the last set. 125,145,165,185,195-15# PR. Really had to fight out of the hole on the second set.

    C. Elizabeth- 10:47. The cleans were fine, started out with 6,5,5,5 then it was a blur some strung together sets, some singles. Dips I’m fine with, but cannot for the life of me kip them so I have to go strict all the way thru-did singles. Also, my good shoulder has been bothering me for over a week now and I definitely felt it today on the rings.


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