Day 2 – 6.20.17


A. TOR Complex – 6 sets, building
1 Snatch+1 heaving snatch balance+1 BTN push press+1 OHS

B. Overhead Squat -3×3
Use the┬ásame weight for all 3 sets. I don’t care what that weight is as long as form is there and that you use the same weight


200m run
10 Toes to Bar
5 Deadlifts (275, 185)

John, Erin and Marielle – if you want to test it out, do the Ranch Wars WOD: 20 DL, 25 Burpees over bar, 50 yd run (do the 100′ run which is more but fine, closest pole to last pole), 30/20 cal AB, 50 yd run



  1. A) 145/155/165/175/185 failed snatch/ 185

    5# pr for this complex. Snatches didn’t feel great today. Had to step forward on every snatch except 165.

    B) 205 across

    had 225# in my head coming into today but wrist pain with the bar overhead made me go lighter.

    C) Erin asked me to test the ranch wars workout so did that instead of the AMRAP.


    DL: 15+5
    Burpees: went fast
    AB: 69-65 RPM

    Changes I would make if I was to do this again would be to fight for UB on deadlifts and do whatever I could to go faster on the bike. If I had to choose between the two I would rather keep the DLs the same and try to maintain 70RPMs on the bike

    • So I can’t do math. The workout actually took 3:14. Clock started at 10:00 and counted down. Finished at 6:46.

  2. Also did yesterdays front squats after class.

    started at 135 and increased by 20# until 235/255/270

  3. A. 55-65-70-75-80-85

    Stayed light here because having the bar back racked is an awful position for my shoulder. Brining the bar down was sketchy even though it was light. Snatch balances were quick though!

    B. 100 across, stayed light again. Used a narrower stance for these & I think it felt better than my usual stance.

    C. 4:02
    Thanks for doing this with me, Joe!

    UB DL (34 seconds)
    Burpees fast as possible, but Joe caught me here (surprise surprise), finished around the 2 min mark.
    60-62 RPM on the bike, finished in about 1:33 I think.

  4. A. Snatches- Shoulder feeling lousy today and Lisa noticed I was over compensating with my other shoulder so she stopped me at 85#. I had opted to just do snatches anyway because of the irritation.

    B. Same for OHS-85#

    C. 5 rounds exactly. I had 5 seconds to get to the 6th run and obviously that was not enough time. Ttb were good today, went something like-ub,8/2,6/4,6/4,5/3/2
    Deadlifts all UB.
    I pushed the runs. Good workout!

  5. A) did snatches instead of TOR complex. Worked up to 175×2 form felt good today

    Emom 8
    3 snatches 115

    B) that was enough for the bicep for today. I will do the OHS tomorrow

    C) 6 rounds
    Everything UB
    Runs were all at :50

  6. A. TOR complex. Worked up to 115#. The limiter for me here is the snatch balance

    B. 115 for all sets. Felt good.

    C. Done after the ranch wars workout
    5 + 213- 2 reps shy of 6 rounds
    Went at a relaxed pace in the beginning then had more left in the tank at the end and tried to push a bit harder. Did beginning rounds of T2B 6-4 and last 2 were unbroken sets. All DL unbroken.


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