Saturday 8.5.17

For time

Pull up flooring

*If you were coming to workout…come out anyway and help pull up some flooring!

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  1. Nobody has times to post for this?! Come on, guys!

    2nd workout of our in-house comp today:

    Double DT (115/75)
    Partners split up however needed.
    Immediately following: 4 minutes to get max points from:
    -Pull ups (1 point)
    -C2b (2 points)
    -Bar muscle up (7 points)

    My partner & I finished double DT in 6:47 but only got 53 points in the 4 min AMRAP. I was able to hit 3 BMU, missing my 4th before switching to C2B then to PU. My partner could only get a couple of pull-ups.
    We split up DT into 2 movements at a time, so she did 12 DL then 8 hang cleans, then I did 1 hang clean into 6 s2o into 11 DL, so there was really smooth transitioning there.

    Then came the lifting…holy. volume.

    Snatch (basing these off of 150# now, which is 4# above my max, but I am trying to train my body to get used to these numbers):
    3 @ 90
    2×3 @ 100
    3 @ 105
    2×3 @ 115
    2×3 @ 105
    During the first set of 115 I went oxxoo, I had a hard time focusing during this set while everyone was completing the in-house comp. Not a good excuse but my head wasn’t in it yet.

    Clean & Jerk:
    3 @ 100
    2×3 @ 110
    3 @ 115
    2×3 @ 125
    2×3 @ 130
    2×2 @ 140

    Back Squat:
    2×4 @ 135
    4 @ 145
    3 @ 155
    2×3 @ 170
    2×3 @ 180
    2×2 @ 190

    Snatch Pulls:
    2×2 @ 125

    The volume is crazy but I absolutely love it. My body was JUNK after the clean & jerks, but somehow these back squats felt better than they have since before I separated my shoulder a year & a half ago. I was honestly going to cut out the last 2×2 @ 190# because I didn’t think I had it in me, but I hit them easier than the 2×3 @ 180. I really need to dial in on my BS form though, because I noticed that I come up on my toes when the weight gets above 160ish. No bueno for the knees!!

    Was also able to fix my cleans a bit! My hips have been unhappy for years, & cleaning can blow up my lower back, but I figured out how to position myself at the start so that I eliminate the pain – I pulled my knees & chest back a bit & BOOM, no pain!
    My jerks are still messy – I can’t seem to bend my back leg enough to keep my torso upright. I am trying to clean it up during my lighter weights.


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