Day 2 – 8.8.17


A. Snatch 3@80%, then 1@ 85%, 90%, 95%

B. Clean- 3@80%, then 1@85%, 90%, 95%


B. For time
Toes to bar
Burpees to a 6″ target
Row (cals)
*after completing each rep scheme (all of the 9s, all of the 15s, etc) do 50′ DB walking lunge (50/35 in each hand). Like the opens your full hand must be on the DB
Courtesy of Full Range


  1. A. 155×3, 165×1, 175×1, 185×1
    I have not made 185 cleanly in awhile so this was a win today. All lifts were solid except for my third at 155. Not sure what happened on that one but did another to make sure it was just a fluke miss and felt solid on the last one.
    185, although not easy, felt solid so just to see I put 195 on the bar. Missed it but felt confident. So put 200 just because I would love to make a 200# snatch…wasn’t close to that so moved on

    B. 200×3, 220×1, 232×1, 245×1
    232 was a bit of a sloppy core at the bottom. Really focused on that for 245 and felt much better.

    C. This seemed to just keep going and going and going….my conditioning is not that great, especially on workouts like this. There’s not much skill or bottleneck movements just need to be able to get going. Burpees have become a problem for me with breathing.
    T2B: UB, UB, 15+6, wheels came off in the round of 27. Last 6 were singles
    Burpees: missed my target a total of 3 times so had to re-jump to hit. Was trying not to look up when I was doing this.
    Row: 1000-1200 cal/hr pacing
    DB lunges: never dropped the weights but was more or less doing a lunge, step up, let the other foot come to the middle then step forward again (instead of bypassing the pause step). These were just uncomfortable.

  2. A) 155×3
    Pumped with how these went today. Snatches have been feeling good lately and bicep as well. Very happy

    B) 240×3

    C) 21:08
    T2b: 9. 8-7. 7-7-7. 7-7-7-6
    These were good today. Better than usual.
    Burpees became a crawl towards the end on the set 27. Sad
    Row were all 1200-1300
    Lunges UB

  3. Went in to hit a couple of workouts today & left after this ONE wod. Holy crap, this sucked & I was on the verge of tears with 10 reps left:

    75 DB Snatches for time (75/50)
    EMOM 7 WB (RX: 20/14)
    (RX+ 30/20)

    Time: 10:44

    I decided to go RX+ on this & goodbye shoulders. I was fine until minute 7 or 8 & I wanted to quit, so bad. I didnt even know I could snatch 50# db for reps so to complete this was awesome. But my back was so tired I had nothing else to give after.

    Did try to strict press after, no bueno.


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