Day 3 – 8.9.17


Perform 3 sets of each, supersetting them

A1. One armed DB Bench Press – 8/arm

A2. Single leg deadlift – 8/side

A3. Farmer’s Carry – 100′ (farthest yellow pole to closest and back)


20 DB. Deadlift (70, 55)
20 Box Jump Overs
20 Wall balls (30, 20)

If you don’t feel comfortable doing box jumps on the cement floor I understand. Do main classes workout but use the 30/20# medball.


  1. I’ve been trying to use Wednesday as an active recovery day with my rowing program. Was able to pull the in laws rower outside while the kids were in the pool.
    12x250m, 2 min rest between. Starting at 2K-6 pace each 250m must be faster than the previous.
    I was able to maintain that.

    Finished with 8 sets of :40 on/:20 off of plank holds on forearms

  2. Did a little double session today. Completed a Comp Train Interval Workout with the coach:

    3 min AMRAP:
    18/15 cal row
    21 burpees over rower (BOR)
    Max thrusters (75/55)

    REST 3 MIN

    3 min AMRAP:
    15/12 cal row
    18 BOR
    Max thrusters (95/65)

    REST 3 MIN

    3 min AMRAP:
    12/10 cal row
    15 BOR
    Max thrusters (115/80)

    REST 3 MIN

    3 min AMRAP:
    10/8 cal row
    12 BOR
    Max thrusters (135/95)

    Total score is thrusters every round:

    It was cool to see how I compared between light weights + high reps, moderate weight + moderate reps, & heavy weights + low reps. Clearly excelled in moderate weights & reps, I felt the most comfortable there.
    Went into this workout wanting to try & go UB on the thrusters since I never want to pick the bar back up. Finished the first 3 rounds around 1:45, so I rested until about 2:20 then went UB on those thrusters. Last round was so painful, did 2-1-1-1, my quads were blown up, really did gave it everything I had left.

    Went back to do day 5/36 WL but we messed up & actually did day 2 of week 1, instead of day 2 of week 2, CRAP! Didn’t realize it until just now.

    After we did that I did 100 GHD situps at 5×20. Rest day tomorrow thankfully.


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