Day 4 – 8.10.17


A. Overhead Squat – 4×4, building

B. Behind the Neck Push Press – 4×4, building


C. For time
2 Strict HSPU
15 Power cleans (135, 95)
12 PC (155, 105)
9 PC (175, 115)
6 PC (195, 125)
3 PC (205, 145)

If you have time this would be good conditioning work (if you have a kb find a track and do this)

D. Regainers

400m run
21 KBs (53, 35)

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  1. A. 155, 167, 177, 187 – decided to start using odd weight numbers to see if that helps to break ruts that I feel I am in. Shoulder stability seems to be the issue for me. Right shoulder hurts as the weights go up

    B. 155, 165, 175, 192×3. Was in the shower washing my hair and thought, “wow the top of my head hurts.” Maybe because I dropped 192 pounds on my head on that 4th rep that I missed…

    C. 10:45. Was pretty pleased with the workout. Tried to stay present on what I was working on (whether HSPU or PC without thinking of the next movement).
    PC: Don’t remember all my sets. I know I went 13+2 @ 135. Think I opened with 7 @ 155, 3@175, 2@195. Think I was singles after the opening set. (Maybe I ended with a 2 at 155).

    Coached the 8:30 class then jumped in with 9:30 class for D.
    12:31. I did everything I could to catch Brady. We would pick up the KB right around the same time. Both went UB but he had 3 reps on me to finish every time. Shorter wing span for him. On the runs everytime I was about to pass him he would start sprinting…
    The last round we picked up the KB at the same time. I worked hard at snatching every rep. I thought we were rep for rep until he put down his KB and I had one to go. Well done Brady.


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