Day 5 – 8.11.17


A. Back Squat
2@ 75%


B. Amanda
Snatch, 135#/95#

Rest as needed

C. 3-5 rounds
12 GHD + 12 chest to bar pull ups
This is skill work so own your chest to bars from a positioning standpoint


  1. A) Able to make all percentages today. Went with no Oly shoes today. I have found that I have been rolling forward as I come down to the squat. Was wondering if a flatter shoe may force me to sit back a bit. Seemed to be a good thing for me

    I don’t remember the last time I had 300+ on my back so pleased to have made both of those

    B) Amanda: 7:11 (9:14 was the last time I did this but that was 3 years ago).
    Happy with the RMU: UB for 9, 5+2, UB for 5
    Not as happy with the snatches: 3+2+singles; singles for all 7; 2+singles for the 5.
    Really wanted to hang on to that bar a bit longer and feel I was just a bit mentally weak. Maybe singles for the 9 but then try to push the set of 7 and definitely the set of 5 next time.

    • Meant to say – finished up with 4 rounds of 12 ghd + 12 c2b. Went in with the plan I will go as many rounds as I can staying UB on c2b with butterfly pull ups. That was 5 reps into the 4th round. Didn’t rush between the movements but also was trying not to take too long either.

  2. WL day 6/36

    3 @ 90
    3 @ 100 (xooo, didn’t warm up enough)
    3 @ 105
    3 @ 115 (ooxo)
    3 @ 120
    3 @ 135

    3 @ 90
    3 @ 100
    3 @ 110
    3 @ 115
    3 @ 125
    3 @ 130
    2 @ 140 (think we actually did 3)

    Back Squat:
    5 @ 125
    5 @ 135
    5 @ 145
    5 @ 160
    4 @ 170
    5 @ 180
    3 @ 190
    2×2 @ 200 (ox on the 2nd set)

    I haven’t back squatted 200 in MONTHS!! I was so excited to hit a set of 2, I am not even mad about missing the 2nd rep of the 2nd set.

    Rested for 45 minutes then me & the female coach hit up the 3rd & last workout of the in-house competition:

    25 min cap:
    Buy in- 1 partner does a 400m run while the other partner completes 30 DL at 185/135), you can’t start the workout until both partners are done, then complete this TWICE:
    60 ab-mat situps
    50 dubs
    40 wb
    30 DB thrusters (35/20)
    20 t2b
    10 hspu
    **Only ONE partner can do an entire movement, split up movements as needed.
    **In the remaining time, work as heavy as possible in the following complex until the cap has been reached:
    1 clean
    1 hang clean
    1 front squat
    1 jerk

    Our time: 12:06
    Our combined weight: 330 (Addie hit 180, I hit 150)
    I completed the 30 DL in 47 seconds, she finished the run in 1:38.

    We split it so I did all situps, dubs & thrusters, since she is better at gymnastics movements. So much fun! But we did not expect to have SO much time to do the complex.

    Now I am going to stuff my face with nachos & go to bed.
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  3. A.) Stuck with percentages and ended at 232. Happy with how that weight felt as I haven’t lifted that heavy in a while. Still do swivel hips in the hole though

    B.) Don’t actually know if i’ve ever done this before…definitely not in a long time. Finished in 8:46 and was happy with how it went. MU felt good initially and faded pretty fast. Did 4-3-2 I think in the first round, then 2-2-1-1-1, then 2-1-1-1. Tried to not take too long of a rest between sets especially singles. My original plan for snatches was to drop between each one but the boss was there and I was scarred about dropping on the concrete floor so ended up stringing a lot together…which in hind-site was a better plan for me considering how long I need to rest between MU. Did 5-4, then 4-3, then UB

    C. Did 3 rounds with the same goal as Marc- tried to sting as many butterfly C2B as I could. Got all 12 the first round, then 10 the second, then down to 6 for the 3rd.


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