We wish the Vellas well as they venture off into the world of marriage tomorrow!!! I also wonder if they will be checking wodify during the reception…or more likely, they won’t be able to wait that long and will checking it during the ceremony.


A. Back Squat

2×5@60, 2×5@65, 3@70, 2@75, 2@80, 2@85, 1@90, 2×1@95


B. Accumulate 5 min in plank
keep track of the total time it takes you to get to 5 minutes of holding a plank. In other words, if you go 1 min, rest :20 for 5 rounds you total time to accumulate the 5 minutes would be 6:20 (5 minutes in the plank + 4x:20 of resting)


Accumulate 5 min on L-Sit


C. VivaLasVellas

4 rounds
10 power cleans (165, 115)
7 bar facing burpees over the bar (Joe likes these Rose….blame him)
17 cals on rower