Day 1 – 10.9.17

Gymnastic Strength

A. Supinated grip (palms facing you) strict pull ups – 4×5/3 reps
Try to see if you can pause with your chin over the bar for 3 seconds after you complete each pull up. If you do not have pull ups then do 3 negatives with a 7 second descent.

B. Tempo Ring dips – 4×3 with 3 seconds at each position


C. Snatch
Every :90

D. Behind the Neck Push Press – 3×5, building


E. For time (8min cap)
15 toes to bar
21 thrusters (95, 65)
15 toes to bar
15 thrusters (115, 80)
15 toes to bar
10 thrusters (135, 95)
15 toes to bar
5 thrusters (155, 105)


  1. A) done

    B) did 4 sets of 5

    first set ub. last 3 sets had to break at 4,3,3 respectively.

    2×3@70% – 135
    1×3@75% – 145
    1×2@80% – 155
    1×2@85% – 160
    1×1@90% – 170

    timing and balance felt off today. Was forward from the ground and on my toes too early. Only rep that felt decent was the last one at 170#

    D) didn’t do

    E) 7:49

    Thrusters: 21 ub, 8+7, 6+4, 3+1+1
    TTB: 10+5, 9+3+3, random sets of 5, 4, and 3 after that

    Definitely feeling the effects of Saturday. Legs felt heavy from the beginning. Thrusters ended up going fairly well, but had to break too many times during the TTB. Better TTB and faster weight changes is what I’d focus on next time.

  2. A. Done
    B. Also went UB on first set and had to break the others (at 3). Still not sure why these have become so challenging for me.
    C. 140x2x3, 150x1x3, 160×2, 170×2, 180×1
    These felt pretty good today (although Joe is usually there to tell me, “well, that was a little forward.” Up to my own feeling…I’m awesome. No misses.
    D. 165, 175, 185 (175 and 185 were work)
    E. 7:30
    Thrusters: UB, 11+4, 7+3, UB
    T2B: UB, 9+6, 10+5, 9+6
    I have been noticing my time between breaks on toes to bar seem to be long. Changed out weights after I finished the thrusters with the hope that I could get on the barbell right after the toes to bar (hoping that my heart rate would slow a bit on the t2b). Think that was the right decision there.

  3. B) done

    C) no percentage for me today. Feeling out the hip. Almost better.
    95-115-125-135-145 -155
    Happy to just hit 155. Heavy on the toes today for me also.
    Happy to be snatching tho

    D) 7:28
    11-10. 8-7. 5-5. 5
    15. 10-5. 10-5. 8-6-3 ya I did that

    Felt good all around today and just happy to be back at it. T2b have felt the strongest. I didn’t use clips today. Might have cheated?? Kinda feel like I did now marc.

  4. A. 4×3 with 3 second pause.

    B. Didn’t do, stuck with main class today.

    C. 110 (ooxo then ooxxo)-120-125-135-140(ox)

    Haven’t snatched in a few weeks so my first few sets were also toe heavy. Shouldn’t have missed the first rep at 140 but the bar drifted forward in my catch. Felt strong though, just struggled with form today.

    D. WOOOWW. 8+30.
    Should have just done RX because these are two of my worst movements but for some reason I thought RX+ would be fine. Only made it through the the 3rd set of toes to bar, didn’t get to the 3rd set of thrusters.
    21: 11-10
    15: 8-4-3
    T2B: wanted 5×3 but it was just random sets.

    Did partner Murph with peak afterwards! Partnered with Rob & we went 20 rounds of 5 pull-ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats, round for round. Tried to work on butterfly pull-ups for a few rounds. Knee push-ups.

  5. Posting a day late…
    I don’t know about you guys but I felt awesome today, I didn’t overindulge at the wedding at all and woke up Sunday morning ready to rock and roll. Also love thrusters so this was a great workout to come back to, pretty sure you did that just for me babe. Alright so not my best performances this weekend or this workout…
    A. Done 4×5 reps with 3 seconds at the top

    B. Done but don’t think I gave it a serious 3 count

    C. Snatches went horribly today. 110 fine, 120 fine, 130 missed the second, still tried for 135. Again missed the second and stopped there.

    D. skipped as time was running thin

    E. 8:08
    Did sets of 5s on the T2B the whole way except the last round and that was manageable.

    Doing a bigger set in the beginning helped me mentally to pick up the barbell again. Finished at the 8 min cap and only had 3 T2b and the 5 thrusters left so figured I would just finish the workout. Total time was 9:12


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