Day 2 – 10.10.17


A. Clean (from blocks) – 1×3 @ 65%, 2×2@75%, 1×2@80, 1×2@85%, 3×1@90%

B. Front Squat (2×4@70%, 1×4@75%, 1×3@80%, 2×3@85%)

C. DB Strict Press (1×10, 1×8, 1×6, 1×4, 1×4)
build each set, use a neutral grip (palms facing each instead of away from body – dumbbells will be perpendicular to shoulders)


C. 3 RFT
75 Double Unders
15/13 Assault bike cals
20 DB snatch (60, 45)


  1. A)
    1×3 – 165
    2×2 – 190
    1×2 – 205
    1×2 – 215
    3×1 – 230

    really happy with how these felt. 230 has never felt so solid and I think the heaviest Ive ever gone from the blocks is 220 or 225. Been focusing on making good contact with my third pull lately and Its definitely helping

    B) based off 285 which is my 2 rep max (no true 1RM right now)

    205/215/230/245 no belt

    felt much better this week than last week with the front squats.

    C) done after class

    couldn’t build because 50 for 10 reps was already aggressive

    D) 9:39

    DU: ub which I’m surprised and happy about
    AB: 60 RPM each round
    DB: 15+5, 15+5, 10 (slipped out of my hand) + 10

    Movement-wise I’m happy with how I did, but as far as my strategy goes I think I could have pushed harder on the AB. Going ub on the DUs was huge for me since I typically start to trip around 50 even when I’m not tired. I took it easy on the AB because I didn’t want me legs to be dead for the snatches. Snatches ended up feeling good and I actually felt more in control at the end than in the beginning.


    pendlay rows: 4×10 (95/95/105/115) really focusing on staying slow and controlled

    Knee-up into L-sit on Rings: 4×10

  2. A. Done with Joe (same weights). Joe saw an issue (pulling with my arms and a weird hip redirection). Think it was mostly fixed at my last set of 230. Very helpful although felt weird. Clearly I’ve built a poor habit there.

    B. Off 295 (which I have not made in a very long time): 205, 220, 235, 250
    These did not feel good. Back was a bit cranky today.

    C. 9:31.
    DU: UB (for some reason stopped at 74 in 2nd rd so had to do one extra)
    AB: 70, mid 60s, low 60s (some high 50s)
    DBS: UB, 12+6+2, 16+4. Poor positioning after the 6 in the second set so had to reset. Dropping after 16 was just poor.

    D. (strict press with 8:30 class). 30×10, 35×8, 40×6, 50×4, 55×4. Not very confident with these.

  3. Only had time to do the metcon after coaching tonight. Dog-sitting is killing my schedule.

    DUBS: UB, UB, tripped twice
    Bike: high 60s, mid 60s, low 60s
    DBS: 10+5+5, 10+10, UB

    After seeing everyone’s times from today I went to the pain cave to try to beat you guys. Did the same thing on Friday’s WOD – if I can see everyone’s times from the day then I am able to push so much harder. Because everything has to be a competition. -_-


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