Day 3 – 10.11.17

Accessory Work

A. Snatch Grip Deadlift (2 reps @ 100%, 105%, 110%, 115% of snatch)

B. Good Mornings – 4×10, building

C. DB Row – 3×10/side, same weight


21 KB swings (70, 53)
15 burpee box jumps
400m run

Goal is pacing. I want you to track how long each round takes. They should all be within 5 seconds of your fastest round. 

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  1. A) done after class. just did 195 across. Forearms are really sore from the DB snatches yesterday and had no grip for these

    B) 75/90/95 stopped there. these don’t feel good on my back

    C) 45/55/65/65 Tried to stay slow and controlled with a slight pause at the top

    D) 4+36 (through KB swings and BBJs in round 5)

    3:55 (1:48 run)
    4:19 (1:50)
    4:31 (1:55)
    4:33 (1:55)

    KB swings were all ub. The last round of KB swings was a fight to hang on. Looking back on it I should have tried to keep the runs around the 1:45-1:50 range. Burpee box jumps were all step into jump up with a step down from the box. the step down kept me from going too fast and jacking up my heart rate.


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