Day 4 – 10.12.17


A. Touch and Go Power Snatch – EMOM 6 x4 reps, building.
Start at 60% of 1 RM

B.Back squat


C. 5-4-3-2-1

Ring Muscle ups
Push Jerk (185, 135)
5 min cap
Scaling options for ring muscle ups
5-4-3-2-1 Bar muscle ups
10-8-6-4-2 ring dips
For weight – you should be somewhere in the 85%+ of 1 RM range so if these weights are very light for you then adjust them


  1. A) 120, 130, 140, 150, 155, 160
    Came in thinking 165 was the end goal. 155 and 160 were work for the 2nd two reps. Felt fast getting under the bar and pulling myself low (but not below parallel) but inconsistent with my foot landing.

    B) back squat- all good through 310. 320 was my previous 1 RM (2 yrs ago) so thought today was the day for a new number. Not so. Missed 325.

    Joe – congrats again! 3rd PR in as many attempts over the last 6months.

    C) 3:41. Last time I did this (2014) I was 4:57. Had to break RMU from the set of 4 on. Today all were UB. OH didn’t feel great. I think 185 should be touch and go but had to reset every rep. Think there is more room for improvement.

  2. Active recovery day
    30:00 row
    15:00 stretch
    Need todo this more often. And post

  3. A) 115/120/120/130/135

    still not happy with how these feel. Full snatches go fine, but when I have to go power I struggle to move my feet

    B) no belt through 305 then belt on for 320 and 340. 5# pr

    this time last year I was missing back squat attempts at weights like 295-310. This past cycle has definitely helped a ton. Thanks for the shoutout Marc

    C) 3:49

    Had to break up the set of 4 MU into 2+2. STO were all tng. MUs are high up on the list of movements I need a lot of work on . Between relying on the false grip and taking forever to actually get on the rings I cost myself a lot of time in workouts that have this movement.

  4. A. 85-95-100-110-115ooox-115ooox

    Really thought I had 115, but my fourth rep was a full snatch in the first set, then I caught the bar too far forward in the 2nd set.

    B. 115-125-135-155-160-175-185-190-200, didn’t build to 100% because this is my first time squatting in about 3-4 weeks. So weak here, ugh.

    No time for the metcon before coaching elements. Would have had to scale heavily anyway & done the BMU with a band because I can’t string them.


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