Day 5 – 10.13.17


EMOM 10: 5/2 strict HSPU + 5 Deadlifts (275, 185)
You will complete both the HSPU AND deadlifts every minute


Crossfit Southie 16.2 – #SAFTBarbells

Every 2 minutes – Clean and jerk (power is fine)
10 reps @ 155, 95 by 2:00
8 reps @ 185, 115 by 4:00
6 reps @ 205,135 by 6:00
4 reps @ 215,145 by 8:00
2 reps @ 235, 155 by 10:00
If you finish the series of reps before your time is up you can move onto the next round and start those weights. Once you do not clear a weight when that time is up, you are done.

EXTRA Conditioning

8x 200M Run On 2 Minutes

Run 8x 200M run on a 2 minute interval. Maintain your pace to with in 1 second for each 200M rep. The interval provides for a lot of rest so be sure to not go out too fast. The idea here is Speed Endurance. Maintain a pace that is challenging while still do-able for the 8 reps.


  1. A) done with 185# DL

    B) 6:00 (got through 4 clean and jerks at 205)

    155 – done at 1:23 (all push jerks)
    185 – done at 3:43 (all push jerks)
    205 – 4 reps, failed 5th clean (all split jerks)

    At Southie I only made 1 clean at 205 and missed the jerk. Took a lot of time transitioning from 155 to 185 and then a lot of time between reps at 185. happy with the pr but I would like to make it into the round of 215

    5 sets of 1:00 plank on forearms with :20 rest

    3×10 knee up to l sit on rings

  2. This is going to be a tough 6 days with Mar out of town. I like routine and this is certainly out of my routine.

    Everything at home this morning

    Did main class as I wanted to add the hollow rock holds but did just DL instead of clean+DL

    1st min: DU+ 6 strict HSPU
    2nd min: Hollow rock hold for :40
    3rd min: 5 deadlifts (275, 285, 295, 315)

    I did not have the southie in me. Couldn’t bring myself to doing more OH at 185…

    I did grace instead: 2:39. :10 PR. Tried the all singles approach. Felt good. By rep 20 I could not flush the lactic build up fast enough and had to take steps back from the bar and shake out my legs. At 20 I thought I was going to be sub 2:30 but ran out of steam. Usually it’s my shoulders (or calves) and today it was all quads.

  3. Only had time to do the Southie workout after class tonight.

    Splits are- :54, 2:30, 4:20, 6:04, 7:28
    If these were full cleans, no way I would have finished this fast. Push jerks up until 145, then all splits.


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