Day 1 – 11.6.17

Joe and John…be smart this week. I was going to write up a whole other program for you guys but think you know yourselves well enough. Your goal is to be ready for Saturday as best as you can. I wouldn’t be tied to percentages or even workouts. 


A. Back Squat – 5 reps @ 60%, 65%, 70%, 75%, 80%, respectively

B. TnG Push Jerks – 5×3
SAME weight, choose between 75-85% PJ 1 RM. The range of percentages to get comfortable again with focused touch and go work. Whole foot on the ground for as long as possible. Stay off those toes. Focus on the movement not the weight number.


C. Every 4 min x 5 sets
15/12 cal assault bike
12 burpees
15/12 cal assault bike

Courtesy of FRCF


  1. A) 205/220/240/255/275/290 no belt

    weight felt good despite not back squatting for a week or so. These feel so much better than front squats

    B) didn’t do. planned on doing them after the workout but my shoulder felt a little iffy so decided to be smart and take a pass

    C) 11:55

    2:12 (76 rpm / 71-73 rpm)
    2:24 (73 / 68-71)
    2:28 (71 / 68-70)
    2:30 (71 / 68-70)
    2:21 (73 / 69-76)

    Contrary to Friday’s assault bike workout I actually tried to be smart with how I approached this one. Plan was to try and maintain a similar pace for each set without dropping off. Overall I’m happy with how my times turned out. I never felt like I was out of control on the bike. If this workout was to do 30 calories in a row I would have struggled a lot more, but having the burpees in the middle to break up the bike really helped my legs recover.


    3×1:00 plank hold on forearms with weight (45/55/65)

  2. B) 5×185
    This weight seems to be my breaking point so stayed here today. Finding that I’m loosing my core and not driving directly upwards on some reps

    C) 11:55
    Took a little different approach today and didn’t work. Tried to hit the first bike cal hard and could not hang on for any of the other sets. First set was 90 rpm and all others were at 65-75 rpm. Need to stay around there. I don’t remember my times

  3. A. Worked on tempo & box squats for form with 85-105#. Tried out the low-bar back squats & they felt odd but I want to try them again.

    B. 135 across. Wodify has my PR at 135 but it is 155 at a different gym. Doing my best to keep my ribcage down, I always hyper-extend my back on these.

    C. 12:40
    2:28, 2:33, 2:29, 2:30, 2:40

    I don’t know why I enjoy the bike so much, honestly. Maybe because all I did for the first 2 years of CF was row, but I don’t dread it. Kept RPMs around 65. If I was slowing down I would stand up to medal to get some momentum going, really helps me build back up. I am very happy with my performance today.
    Burpees on the other hand…….

    100 GHDs
    Took these super slow to avoid a heachace. Still got a headache.

    Ab work with my PF class.


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