Day 2 – 11.7.17



A. Clean and Jerk – Every minute for 16 minutes (alternate minutes with your partner) do 1 Clean and Jerk (8 sets for each person)

You must share a barbell with a partner (that DOES NOT mean you need the same weights on that same bar). 3-2-1 go partner 1 will complete 1 clean (squat) and jerk (split or push). Once they finish add or subtract weight and at the start of next minute for partner 2, who will do one clean and jerk. At the next minute partner 1 will go again. Continue to go back and forth for 16 total minutes (8 lifts/athlete)


B. AMRAP 12 (Alternate movements)
10 front rack lunges (115/80)
10 pull ups
10 Push press (115/80) (these are push presses NOT push jerks)
P1 will complete all front rack lunges, then P2 will complete all pull ups, then P1 will complete all Push press, then P2 will complete all front rack lunges, etc. Continue switching for the 12 minutes.


5 sets

C1. Strict Toes to bar – 3 reps w/3s lowering
C2. 10 Parallette shoot throughs (no push up, just the shoot through)


  1. A. 175, 185, 195, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245(missed jerk)
    All felt solid today. Took Joe’s counsel on widening my stance with the jerks. Think that was the right move. Felt more solid on my dip. The missed jerk is was well over my head and then crashed down. Kind of surprised myself.

    B. Was going to jump into a class if there was an odd number…but there wasn’t. Went solo. Put 12 min on the clock and did a 1:1 work/rest ratio for a full round (meaning, however long it took me to get through all 3 movements I would rest the same time it took me to complete the work). Was happy to have UB butterfly c2b today. 6 rounds on the nose (finished the 6th round at 11:55)
    Rounds looked like this:
    1:06, 1:07, 1:05, 1:06, 1:04, :59

    C. Did the 5 sets of shoot throughs.

    Didn’t post yesterday – probably should have just stayed home.
    A. Back squats – up to 260 x 5
    B. Bike/burpees – the 2nd round of 15 cal on AB I scaled the calories and then did the same for the 4th and 5th rounds. Really struggled here.
    C. Push jerks – 175 across all 5 sets.

  2. A. 125-145-155-160-167 (PR)-170(PR)
    After 2 friggin years I finally hit a PR! I can hit the numbers separately but haven’t been able to hit over 165, thrilled with this!

    B. 6+19 with Joe R. During my 6:30 class. Have I event mentioned I hate chest to bar? I get enough power where I think I can butterfly, but I drop like a sack of potatoes & feel like my shoulders are going to rip out of the socket. Can’t figure out how to control it.

    Didn’t do shoot throughs since I joined class with Joe.


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