Day 3 – 11.8.17


A. Snatch Grip Pendlay Row – 4×5, building

B.¬†Good Mornings – 4×10 – Same weight


B. EMOM 25
1st minute: 15 Wall ball (30/20)
2nd: 200m run
3rd: 15 KBs (70/53)
4th: 50 double unders
5th: 4/3 ring muscle ups

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  1. Came in just to move around a bit. ended up doing part B with John but scaled most of it.

    10 WB at 20#
    200m run
    10 KBS at 53#
    50 DU
    15 push up

    was a bit sore from yesterday but after doing this I felt a lot better.

    yesterday’s C+J felt pretty good. worked up to 240 where I made the clean twice but didn’t attempt the jerk. Third time at 240 I made both the clean and jerk. cleans all felt good. Jerks seem to be getting a little better


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