Next Cycle

As promised here is a bit of detail around the next 6 weeks. I am going to strip back the programming a bit (simplify) with a couple of particular areas of focus: the snatch and stretching our engines. The reason for the simplification has a few parts

  1. I want to give us unhurried time to work on technical pieces and receive adequate coaching (instead of rushing from part A to part B and hoping we hit part C by the end of the class’s hour…which if you are in my class probably won’t happen).
  2. It’s a crazy time of year with the holidays and I want to give us some space to breathe

Do not hear “simplify” as easier! We will still work our tails off. I hope that some of the shorter metcons we can do just that – find out that a 21-15-9 or 6 minute AMRAP can be just as devastating (if not more so!) than grinding away for 20 minutes…although we will see those too:)

I am just trying something new and am curious to see how we respond. It’s only six weeks so know that if you hate it (chances are it won’t be that noticeable) it will be done soon before we head into our next cycle….Opens prep.

Fitness/Rx/Rx+ – what are these things we see on the whiteboard?

I wrote a post on this awhile back and will just give a refresher. Consider Fitness/Rx/Rx+ as hallways. None of them are definitive, nor do their titles define you. There’s a lot of wiggle room in a hallway but they do give some boundaries. You are not a better or worse athlete for following one vein over the other. You are the athlete that you should be at that time. You may move between one to the other and back to one. I try to think through our whole population and give appropriate hallways that will help you decide what will be best for you in that particular workout. Sometimes movements will change (may see muscle ups in Rx+, chest to bar pull ups in Rx and banded ring dips in fitness), sometimes the weights used will change, sometimes the whole workout will change. My hope is that all parts meet you where you are at but will push you to be better today than yesterday.

As we move into this next cycle and if you feel you aren’t getting quite the “volume” you are looking for (and we can certainly have a discussion around what that actually means) there will be added pieces in Rx+ that you can always do as well. It may take extra time before or after class but you are certainly welcome to put in extra time!

Bottom line – training smartly sometimes means taking a step back and sometimes take a big step forward. I’m hoping these next 6 weeks will give space for that and you can dabble in various hallways to understand your uncomfortable zone!

Goat Work

Finally, I would like you to pick one of these movements that you need to/would like to work on: Handstand Push Ups, Pull Ups, Double Unders, Toes to Bar. Each day you come in, and as part of your warmup, there will be a piece that you can incorporate for that week that will hopefully get you more comfortable with the movement. This week, during your warmup, do this everyday:

If you choose double unders: 10 single under jumps, 10 on just the right leg, 10 on the left and 10 jumping jack jumps (Purpose: work on coordination and having your feet and hands working independent of each other)

Toes to bar: Find a partner and do three reps of this (watch from 0:00-0:40) (Purpose: understanding lat recruitment)

HSPU: 10 Shoulder taps OR shift your weight back and forth 10x trying to lift your hand (Purpose: Shoulder stability and strengthening)

Pull Ups: 8-12 banded strict pull ups (do NOT kip these. Purpose: Building shoulder girdle and pulling strength)