Teamwork Tuesday


A. 4-6 sets: Handstand Push Up + Pull up

I know this is some of your goat work but we are going to incorporate it into class. If HSPU and Pull ups are not happening for you, I want you to partner up with someone and use them as your spotter to work on full range of motion. For HSPU: kick up to the wall, go to the bottom of the HSPU and have someone pull your feet up. Same thing goes for pull ups, go to a dead hang and have your partner squat down and push your feet to the ceiling (to assist in your pullup – similar concept to a band)

If you have HSPU and pull ups – find a partner who also has them and alternate reps (one at a time) for 1 min straight to see how many reps you can get. In the 1st minute do HSPU, in the 2nd minute do strict pulls, rest in the 3rd minute. Do 3-5 sets.


B. AMRAP 20 (break up reps how you see fit)
50 Wall balls (20/14)
40 Deadlift (225, 155)
30 Toes to bar

*Every 2:30 one athlete will do 5 Bench press (135, 70) – switching every other break (athlete one will do 5 bench press at the 2:30 mark, athlete two will do 5 bench press at the 5:00 mark, etc)