Day 2 – 11.14.17

Teamwork Tuesday


A. 4-6 sets: Handstand Push Up + Ring Muscle Ups

If you can, partner up with someone and complete a total of 40/30 strict HSPU (deficit for guys – 45+25# plate). Switch every 2 reps.
At the top of the minute both complete 2 ring muscle ups

B. TnG Power cleans: 3×4@60%, 3×4@70%


B. AMRAP 20 (break up reps how you see fit)
50 Wall balls (30/20)
40 Deadlift (255, 170)
30 Toes to bar

*Every 2:30 one athlete will do 5 Bench press (165, 90) – switching every other break (athlete one will do 5 bench press at the 2:30 mark, athlete two will do 5 bench press at the 5:00 mark, etc)


  1. did yesterdays work

    front squats: 175/195/210/225/240/255 at the rep scheme from yesterday. slightly above percentages. No belt. felt good to get back to squatting

    Footsie – 5:31

    HPC: 15+6, 6+6+3, 9 ub

    115# is the tipping point for me for going TnG with hang power cleans. some reps felt solid and others I felt myself getting pulled forward. I’m looking forward to re-testing this one after working on the HPC technique


    3 RFT:
    accumulate 1:00 L-sit on rings
    20 cal row with damper on 10

    L-sit times:

  2. A. Don’t have strict HSPU or muscle-ups do I did 25# DB strict press & ring dips with the orange band. The band is so small but it helps tremendously. I was able to get a couple strict before failing.

    B. 3×4 @ 110
    3×4 @125
    No issue here, I feel like my positioning is solid. Still working on being more patient in the shrug & having the barbell come in contact with my upper thigh rather than above my knee.

    C. 3+83 with Marielle. She definitely carried me through the T2B so thank you!! I messed up the timing with the bench at some point so I went a minute early than I should have.

    Did RX part A with my 5:30 class. I am so weak when it comes to presses. 🙂


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