Day 5 – 12.1.17


We will be supersetting these two movements: one set of cleans, followed by one set of split jerk stance strict press (from the rack). You can set up two barbells if you would like (or better yet – buddy up and have one partner do the first set of cleans while the other partner is doing their first set of split jerk presses).

A1. Clean – 3 reps @ 70, 75, 80, 85%

A2. Split Jerk Stance Strict Press – 4×3, same weight across (from the rack)


12 power snatch (95, 65)
15 wall balls (20/14)
18 box jumps (24, 20)

Goal here is consistency with the rounds. I actually want you to track how long your rounds take. They should be identical from round 1 until round whenever you finish. Do NOT go out too fast with all UB sets and then ending up down to singles on the snatches. You will have to be deliberate early on (Joe). Pace is king. Let’s start learning about it.


  1. A1) 175/190/205/220 Cleans all felt solid except the last 2 reps at 220 (forward and toe heavy)

    A2) 115 across

    B) 4+27

    snatches: sets of 4
    WB: ub
    BJ: jump up/step down for first 5 reps each time then rebounding for the remaining 13

    Glad Marc called out my lack of pacing because without that I probably would have tried to go 7+5 or 6+6 on the snatches from the beginning and would have burned out. I think sets of 4 was the perfect rep scheme for me – never felt like I was close to failure and my technique didn’t change throughout the workout. WBs were more challenging breathing-wise than anything else. I used the first 5 reps of the BJs as a way to recover before going into rebounding which I think helped keep my heartrate where it needed to be.

    3 RFT
    accumulate 1:00 L-Sit
    20 Cal on rower with damper on 10


    L-sit: 40+15+5 / 25+15+10+10 / 20+15+10+10+5

  2. Don’t know why I’m posting because Joe already knows what I did and this blog has been a bit quiet these days….

    A) Same weight as Joe. Told him cleans have not been a very solid or comfortable movement for me over the last 2-3 months. I keep trying to make some adjustments. Went with a wider grip today. It was different so I wasn’t too comfortable but there were pieces that felt a bit better. Joe said extension was good but speed under was not. Can’t disagree.

    B. 4+14. 2:18, 2:37, 2:40, 3:13 (times for each round completed). I’m ok with the 2:18 as, obviously, I started right at 3-2-1 go. It probably was about :20 between after finishing my box jumps and picking up the barbell. So first 3 rounds – fine. 4th round I feel apart. Power snatches went in with 6+6. Ended up with 6+5+1 in the 4th round and did 4s in the 5th round. WB – target was UB as I think that needed to happen. Went 10-5 in rd 4 for no reason. Box jumps I tried jumping up and stepping down to keep my heart rate low-ish. Helped my breathing but did not help my legs. I think rebounding is more beneficial for me. Did that in the 4th round with a pause at the top of the box. What did I learn from a pacing perspective? When I breathe heavy I give up. So then, how in the workout to I keep my breathing low-ish? Great question, Marc….still working on that answer.

    Did the L-sit/row with Joe.


    Haven’t done L-sits since we did them back with outlaw way (maybe once or twice here and there but nothing consistent). At that point we were close to getting a minute straight. Not even close today.

    :20 x 3 for first round
    :15×2 + :10×3 for 2nd
    :05 x 4 + :10 + :05 x 6.
    That’s was humbling

  3. A. Stuck with percentages on cleans, 133,143,153,163. Felt ok, think I pull the bar up high and don’t get under it quickly. Probably could use a lot of form help with these
    Strict press was 75# across, maybe could have gone a bit heavier here but the strict press was feeling heavy today and is a poor movement for me.

    B. 4+10
    Tried to start intentionally slow and keep my sets the same across all sets. Accomplished that how I wanted too except realized after the second round that I had gone too slow and then picked up the pace the last 2 rounds. The last round definitely was the hardest to force myself to move through, so I feel the pacing was definitely helpful (Didn’t die too quickly).
    2:38, 3:00, 2:48, 2:47
    Stuck with 4s on the snatches except last round I had 40 seconds left so did 8-2
    10-5 for WB
    Jump up step down to catch my breath for box jumps
    Made sure to pick the bar up quickly after BJ

  4. A) cleans
    So happy to even be doing cleans. No equipment today.
    1 rep at 265

    B) 115 across.
    Stayed light to keep good form

    C) 4+15
    Snatches were 4-4-4
    Wall ball UB
    Box jumps were all step downs. Didn’t want to rebound to push the hip to much. Feeling a lot better and have to be smart this time.
    Was able to hold it 2:30 ish for several rounds


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