Day 1 – 12.4.17


A. 4x (2 reps HSPU negative to a deficit + 1 kipping HSPU (men on 3 45# plates, women to 1 45# plate))
Control your descent (5 count down), touch your head on the ground and then kip up, repeat to complete the set. Do these while you are fresh at the front end of class (or before).


B. Clean Complex (clean+front squat+split jerk)
7 sets: 65%, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 90+ of clean and jerk weight


C. 3x 4 minute AMRAP
2:00 rest between AMRAPs
3 Power Cleans (165, 115)
6 Bar facing burpees
9 Air squats
Goal is that each AMRAP you will hit the same amount of reps. Pacing is king today. That being said, I would like you to try to go TnG on power cleans if possible


  1. A) Finished. First set I kicked straight off the wall on my kip. Moved my hands farther from the wall and was able to finish with clean reps. 3 plates is deep…

    B) Off of 250: 165, 175, 190, 200, 215, 225, 240. Cleans felt good today. Splits were solid up until 240. Just didn’t commit to getting myself through the bar.

    C. 79, 80, 91
    What did I learn? 165 – target was TnG which was doable. Last round John said, “we should be able to keep up with Scott” so that was my target. I don’t think the 91 reps was sustainable over 3 rounds. But 85 probably was. Need to understand how I move better.

  2. A) done. Need to work on my kip

    B) 165/175/190/200/215/225/230 missed jerk

    Cleans have felt really good lately. Squats felt strong today too. Split jerks were inconsistent per usual. Actually happy with how 225 felt overhead, but at 230 I missed forward.

    C) 272 reps


    Felt like I was able to move pretty well through each movement. Cleans were heavy but manageable at 3 reps. Had it been 5 reps I don’t think I could have maintained ub touch and go. Burpees were fine, kept a fairly quick pace without getting uncomfortable. Air squats actually got my legs a lot more tired than I expected. I was able to recover pretty well between each round.

  3. A) done

    B) 175-185-195-205-225-245
    Squats felt so heavy. Need to build that leg strength back up. Split jerk still needs a lot of work

    C) 252
    I felt like I was moving at about 80%. Pc were all UB no issues. Burpees felt good but not fast enough. Got beat by Scott and Marc each set.

    :20 on / :40 off
    Handstand hold. X5

    Emom 10
    10 ghd

    Every 2:00 for 10:00
    :20 AB
    100% effort

    10×3 push jerks with a :3 hold in the catch 75-95-115#

  4. A. Done without deficit, still can’t kip with a deficit & I come down so hard on my neck.

    B. Power clean + split jerk:
    Knee felt awful today, very swollen from soccer last week & the run yesterday so I cut out the squats. Scary popping noise coming from it…

    C. 276 reps
    5+1, 5+2, 5+3
    Cleans were fine, bypassed my legs on the way down. Knew the burpees were the only challenge so I didn’t let myself slow down on those & used the air squats & PC as my rest.

    Comp on Saturday, going to be focusing more on metcons than lifts this week. A lot of burpees on Saturday…

  5. A. done.

    B. Stuck to percentages and went a little over 90% for my last set at 175#. The cleans felt good today, especially the one at 170#, I dropped quicker under the bar and didn’t pull it so high up.

    C. Glad to have Erin next to me on this one. By myself I would have definitely paced it more. Realized I could push harder and still come close each round. Erin also helped me with stopping up closer to the bar from the burpee then right into the jump over which is much less steps than I usually take.


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