Tuesday 12.5.17

Tuesday 12.5.17



A. Bench Press
6-4-2; 6-4-2
Second sequence should be heavier than the first, meaning your first set of 6 should be lighter than your second set of 6 and so on.  Be an active spotter (but let your partner work for his/her reps)!


With the proverbial continuously running clock. For the 1st and 2nd pieces, both partners will run at the same time but only one working on the barbell at a time. Switch however often you would like. Both partners DO NOT have to be back from the run in order to begin the work. 

400m run
AMRAP Shoulder to overhead (135, 95)


400m run
AMRAP Deadlifts (225, 155)


Row for calories
*must switch every 10 (men)/8 (women) cals for as many cals as possible. A lot of time will be lost on transitions so make sure you are in and out of the rower as quickly as possible (probably wouldn’t fully tighten foot straps so you can slide in and out quickly)

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