Day 2 – 12.5.17



A1. Bench Press
6-4-2; 6-4-2
Second sequence should be heavier than the first, meaning your first set of 6 should be lighter than your second set of 6 and so on. 

A2. In between each set on the bench perform 3-5 unbroken ring muscle ups


With the proverbial continuously running clock. For the 1st and 2nd pieces, both partners will run at the same time but only one working on the barbell at a time. Switch however often you would like. Both partners DO NOT have to be back from the run in order to begin the work. 

400m run
AMRAP Shoulder to overhead (165, 115)


400m run
AMRAP Deadlifts (275, 185)


Row for calories
*must switch every 10 (men)/8 (women) cals for as many cals as possible. A lot of time will be lost on transitions so make sure you are in and out of the rower as quickly as possible (probably wouldn’t fully tighten foot straps so you can slide in and out quickly)


  1. By myself at 7. Had to scoot out a bit earlier today so did strength stuff. Heading back in for noon peak so hoping to jump in with an athlete to do the workout (or will do Thursday’s work after class).

    Back squat (Thursday’s programming) – build to a heavy triple in 12 min
    up to 295. Think this was a 20# PR for 3 rm. A bit surprising really.

    Bench press: 165×6, 185×4, 205×2; 185×6, 200×4, 215×2
    A bit nervous with no spotter but this is also just never been a strong movement for me. Maybe had 220 for 2…maybe.

    • Odd number at the 5:30 class so went solo.
      STO: 25 reps
      Deadlift: 23 (too much time changing out weights)

  2. A1) 175×6, 195×4, 210×2; 185×6, 205×4, 220×2

    Weights were the same as last time we did this except the sets of 2 were 215 and 225 last time. Bench press hasn’t felt strong the past few times we’ve done them

    A2) did kip swings on the rings instead. Trying to use my hips more but I feel very uncoordinated on the rings.

    B) didn’t have a partner so decided to do some extra goat work

    OTM 10
    even minute – 50 DU
    odd minute – 5 strict press @ 95#

    Did some deadlift work after with sets of 5 at 135/155/175/195/215. Even at these lighter weights I feel it in my back and not my posterior chain. Cant figure it out.

  3. A. 85-95-105 then 95-105-115. Weights felt very heavy today but managed to get through each set
    Did 3 MU for the first round then went to 2. Worked on doing them without the false grip. It was probably doable to do 3 each set but I played it conservatively

    B. My back has been on the fritz, worsened after yesterday’s workout so I have to be careful with it so I don’t end up throwing it out again. Paced the STO, when I get fatigued with those I end up arching my back which causes extra strain. Did ok with sets of 5 until the end…thanks to Erin for picking up my slack there! DL were ok, again just made sure I was in a good position. Did sets of 5 which was manageable. Rower felt good, liked the sets of 8 calories because I could push the cals each set with the amount of rest we got.
    Finished with 52 STO, 57 DL, 84 calories
    Fun one!

  4. Rowing
    Rest 1:00
    All sets @ 1:36-1:38pace
    :36-38 sec

  5. A. 85-95-105; 95-105-110
    Felt heavy!!
    Supersetted with 3 hips 2 rings instead of MU.

    B. 52 STOH, 57 DL, 84 CAL.
    I realized after Marielle & I finished that we didn’t switch at 80 cal, totally spaced & asked her to stay on the rower for the last few seconds, woops!

    Knee feels absolutely terrible. No more leg stuff for me before the comp this Saturday.


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