Day 3 – 12.6.17

Snatch Weightlifting

A. Snatch from Blocks (above the knee)
2×2 @60%

B. Snatch Lift Off + Snatch Deadlift + Snatch Pull x2 reps @90%, 95%, 100%, 105% of snatch
Working on pull position


C. “Throw in the Towel”

10 KBs (70, 53)
10 Wall Balls (30, 20)

Skill Work

D. NOT for time

10 Rope climbs
Goal is exactly what the title says – skill work. It could be a few different pieces: fewer pulls to the top, keeping the rope in close to your body, releasing hands from the top so you move down the rope quicker, faster hand transition in your pulls. Pick one thing to work on and spend the time doing it well. 

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  1. A) 115,135,155,170

    All felt pretty solid. First time in a while snatches have felt good

    B) 170,180,190,200

    C) 6 rounds

    KB: ub
    WB: first round UB then at least 2 sets the rest of the way

    Tried to pace myself in the beginning. First two rounds took under a minute and then i started breaking up the wall balls. Tried to get on each movement without wasting time staring at the kb or wall ball. 3 no reps and too many breaks on the WB cost me a lot of time.


    3 sets of 1:00 plank on forearms with weigh (60,70,80 – 5#pr)

    Crossover symmetry
    Thought process while doing each movement – 3 reps in, “this is too easy”…5 reps in “wow this is really hard”. Traps were burning at the end


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