Tuesday 12.12.17

Tuesday 12.12.17

Teamwork Tuesday


Today we are going to spend some unhurried time on two pieces: bar/ring muscle ups and handstand push ups. Let’s spend 15 minutes or so between these two movements. I know we have a huge range of ability on these so I will try to break out some options.

Here are some ways to break out the bar muscle up.

  • If you already have bar muscle ups or ring muscle up perform 2-3 reps
  • If you are close to a bar muscle up perform  this drill (for 2 or so reps).  I would spend time here before moving to the next bullet point.
  • If you are ready to try to go over the bar, have a spotter help
  • If you struggle with a muscle up, let’s work on the strength of the movement. Have two people spotting and give this a try on the rings

Handstand push ups

  • If you have HSPU, perform 3-10 strict HSPU. Add a deficit if you are able.
  • You could also work on your kipping HSPU, similar to the first bullet point
  • If you can’t do a HSPU level with the ground (meaning you need an abmat or two to finish the range of motion) then you have two options: 1) box HSPU or 2) have a spotter on each side of you, come down to the bottom of the HSPU and have one spotter grab one foot and the other other spotter grab the other foot and help assist you up.


Team “Jack”

10 push press (95, 65)
10 KBs (53, 35)
10 Box Jumps (24/20)

Fitness: push press at 75/55, kbs (44/26), box step ups (24/20)
Rx+: push press (115, 80), kbs (70/53), box jumps (24/20)


  1. These are PUSH press (not shoulder to overhead anyway you want)
  2. Alternate between the movements (P1 does all push press, p2 does all kbs, p1 does all box jump, etc)

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