Day 2 – 1.9.18


A. 4 sets, supersetting all movements

A1. Seated Barbell Strict Press x10
Sit on a box or bench, use a barbell and strict press

A2. DB Row x10

A3. Strict Ring Dips x8 (men)/2-5 (women) ->perfect reps, turn out hands at the top

A4. Strict Pull Ups x8 (men)/3-8 (women)
For A3 and A4 – If those movements are not happening do 2-3 negatives at each movement, weighted if possible



Clean and Jerks (185, 135)

Rest 2 min then,


Rope Climbs


  1. A1) 75/90/100/105
    A2) 50/55/60/70
    A3) 8 per set. didn’t turn hands out at the top
    A4) 5 per set

    B) 15 clean and jerks / 12 rope climbs

    jerks were all push jerks. Goal here was to try and make every rep look and feel the same. Felt like I was able to do that for the most part except for a few jerks where I had to step forward in the catch. Rope climbs were all 3 pulls. had about 14 seconds left to get rep #13 but I pretty much gave up and didn’t try for it. Not happy with myself there

    extra: crossover symmetry

  2. A1) 85, 95, 105, 115
    A2) 55, 65, 70, 70
    A3) 8 per set with turnout
    A4) 8, 8, 8, 6

    B) Rx weight. 18 C&J/13 rope climbs. Same condition as yesterday.

  3. A1) 65 across
    A2) 25 across
    A3) 3 – UB until rd 4
    A4) 1 strict PU, 2 negatives

    B) 9 clean & jerks/ 8 rope climbs
    Felt heavy coming out of the squat, but jerks felt strong. Haven’t moved this kind of weight quickly in almost a year – that was humbling.

    • Whoa….look who joined the blog

  4. A) 95-105-115-125
    5 kbs heavier than last week
    Rows @ 50lbs
    Ghd 10

    B) 15 reps at 185
    Tried to stay on :15-20 second. All touch and go from the shoulder to overhead
    Warm up for this was clean and push jerk

  5. A1.) 53,58,63,68. Same numbers as last week
    A2.) 30,35,40,45. Definitely could not have gone heavier than 45
    A3.) 5 strict RD
    A4) 6 strict PU

    B.) 14 reps at 135#. I started off at a good pace, took longer rest in the middle, then tried to pick it up again in the end. Needed to push a little more in the middle…
    10 Rope climbs. Wasn’t getting a good grip with my feet on these today. Had a scare on the last one while trying to touch the beam and was basically hanging on by one hand…thank you grip strength!! Had about 20 seconds left and didn’t try for a last one


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