Wednesday 1.10.18

Wednesday 1.10.18


A. Back Squat
10 (50%)
8 (60%)
8 (65%)
6 (70%)


20 Box Jump Overs
20/12 Hand release Push Ups
For HR push ups – chest touches the floor and thighs stay off the floor. Do NOT let your feet off the ground (starts turning into a superman rock at that point)

Power Snatch (OTM for 10 minutes: 2 Power snatches (start at 50%)


C. 4 sets
C1. Hollow rock hold (:20) + :20 flutter kicks + :20 Hollow rock
C2. IYT (w/2.5-5# plates) x10 -> set up in a good morning position, raise both arms in front (“I” shape), back, then at a 45 degree angle (“Y”), then back, then out to the side at a 90 degree angle (“T”)

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