Day 4 – 1.11.18

Barbell Cycling

A. Touch and Go Power Cleans
Every 1:30 for 6 sets: 4 tng power cleans


B. EMOM 18
1st min: 2/1 Bar muscle ups+8 power snatches (95,65)
2nd min: 3 bar facing burpees+ 8 step OH reverse lunges
3rd min: 50 Double unders
Goal is staying consistent and fluid

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  1. A) 165/175/185/195/205/210×2

    able to keep these all TnG. last rep at 205 was very close to being a squat but I’m giving myself the rep. First 2 reps at 210 felt good, but going down for the 3rd the bar felt like it was slipping out of my hands so I let it go instead of trying to go for another rep in a poor position.


    BMU+PS: 33/33/31/31/31/32 all ub
    BFB+OHL: 30/27/27/27/27/27
    DU: 30 (1 trip), 31 (1 trip), 28/28/28/29 all ub

    Happy with how this one felt today. Never felt like I was getting close to that redline. The hardest part for me was hanging on the power snatches so I really tried to focus on being patient and keeping a straight bar path.


    3 sets of 1:00 weighted planks on forearms



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