Day 3 – 2.7.18


4 sets

A1. DB Reverse Flat Bench Fly x10

A2. Bench Press x5

A3. Good Mornings x8


20 Deadlift (255, 175)
30/20 ring dips
40/30 cal assault bike


  1. A1. 10# across, wanted to stay light with everything.
    A2. 65-75-85-95
    A3. 45# bar.

    B. 8:17
    Started with the AB then DL then PU.
    1st round AB was mid-70s (took 1:03), 2nd round was mid 60s (1:15ish).
    DL were 4’s all the way through, felt heavy today.
    Push-ups were 5s then down to 3s & 2s.

    Gymnastics work:
    3 rounds:
    10 Scap push ups
    10 Alternating plank arm/leg raises (these were tough!)

    There was a bunch of push up work after this that I started but my rotator cuff was getting cranky so I stopped after 1 round of Z presses, push ups, clapping push ups on a bench, & pike position HSPU.

    Can’t wait for Saturday!

  2. took it easy today. Feeling yesterdays workout big time this morning

    A1) 25# across
    A2) 115/145/165/195
    A3) 135/165/195/235

    made up an emom to work on some stuff that I need to practice

    EMOM 15 – alternate movement each minute
    5 DL at 225#
    50 DU
    8 burpee box jumps

    Had a lot of rest time but was definitely breathing heavy at the end. practiced jumping up from the burpee right onto the box going as fast as possible. I’m glad I spent some time on these

    cash out

    3×1:00 hollow rock hold+flutter kicks+hollow rocks

  3. A1. Reverse fly – 25, 30, 35×2 (35# was iffy on making these strict. Hindsight, need to own 25# with arm more extended and elbows less bent)
    A2. 145, 175, 185, 195
    A3. 95, 105, 115, 125 – these have felt better each week, but they also blow up my hamstrings and didn’t want to still be dealing with that on Saturday.

    B. 12:01.
    255# deads, ring dips (30), row (40 cals). Had the bike set up but wasn’t available once I started so rowed instead. This may be the first time in my life I would have rather have been on the bike as yesterday’s rowing caught up to me today


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