Day 1 – 2.12.18

Using today to recover from Saturday’s competition. Great job guys. Real proud of our finishes.

Active Recovery Movement

4-5 sets

A1. GHD situps x15
A2. Hip extensions x15
A3. Bicep curls x10


B. 5 rounds, consistent pace
15/12 cal assault bike
15 hang power snatch (75, 55)
1 min rest


  1. nice job on Saturday everyone – had a lot of fun working out side by side like that the entire comp

    A1) done
    A2) done
    A3) did 5 back squats + 5 front squats with light weight. forearms/biceps are sore

    B) did the regular class workout.

    7 rounds

    first round of HPS were ub, the rest were 10+5. Moved through this one at a comfortable pace just to get moving a bit today.

    extra: worked on DUs and L-sits

  2. A. 4 rounds for all. Curls: 20, 20, 25, 25

    B. Main class workout: 7+6
    Like Joe, just moved through. Shoulders were more tired than I was anticipating.
    HSPU: all UB
    PS: UB, UB, 12+3, 11+4, 7+5+3, 7+5+3, 1 in last round

  3. I had so much fun with you all on Saturday! There is a 6 person team comp coming up in January if you guys are interested….

    A. Done in 5 sets. Curls were 15-20-20-20-20.

    B. Class workout. 6 full rounds. HSPU were awful today, couldn’t even do one full set of 5, didn’t think my shoulders were that weak today.
    PS: UB, 9+6, 8+7, 7+4+4, 7+4+4, 8-7


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