Day 2 – 2.13.18


A. Shoulder Press – 70%x5, 90%x3, 95%x2, 100%x1, 95%x1, 70%x10
Challenging day with the weight. Get your head back through as soon as that bar clears your head and keep that rib cage down. If you find yourself with a big arch in your back, especially as you first go for your lift, reset yourself.

B. Weighted Pull-ups (4×3)


“The Quick and Dirty”¬†AMRAP 5
3 deadlift (275, 185)
7 push press (115, 75)

This came from the Crossfit mainsite and Dave Castro said on IG: this feels like an opens workout (I am guessing it is not but thought it would be a good push). Use this purpose as your guideline:

This workout is moderately heavy and very fast. Pick loads that are challenging but still allow you to complete each set unbroken. If you are unsure of loading, go lighter and go faster.


  1. Still wrecked today.

    A. 5 @ 65#
    3 @ 80 (this felt so heavy so I kept it at 80)
    1 @ 80 (missed the 2nd rep)_
    1 @ 80
    10 @ 65

    B. 2 full sets of 3 pull-ups. I only 2 in the 3rd set then 1 in the 4th, I can usually do these weighted but bodyweight was more than enough.

    C. 8+1
    Everything UB. I actually did a lot better than I thought I would here. Going into this I thought the DL would be the harder movement but it turned out to be PP for me. My forearms were blown up by the end.

  2. A)
    115×5 (was supposed to do 105 but counted the weights wrong)

    145 was a new 1rm from last week so I was really happy to be able to hit it again today. Might have pulled a muscle in my neck on the second set at 140 – I’ll know for sure if I wake up in a few hours and cant turn my head

    B) didn’t do. neck strain from part A made me worried so decided to skip

    C) 6 rounds

    all ub

    DL were the limiter here. Happy I went ub but I took a lot of time to get on the DL each round. Form started to get iffy in rounds 5 and 6

  3. Figured I would post since it’s been ages.

    Strict press felt way better last week. I failed a couple reps where I didn’t the last time we did these.


    3×105# failed the 3rd
    2×111#-failed 2nd


    Weighted pull ups:
    10# shoulders felt so burned out for these.


    This went very well. Two good movements for me. I was able to get right back on the DL quickly.

  4. Still so proud of all of us and our performances Saturday, such a fun day working out side by side with you all! I love this gym and this community and am so happy to be part owner of it!!!!

    Home workout today as Jake is home sick with the flu, hoping it doesn’t spread…
    A. Stuck with percentages, they were tough but I made all lifts. Ended with 10×70#

    B. 3 sets at 10 pounds, last set at 20 pounds. These felt tough today

    C. 8+3
    All unbroken and had to work hard to make sure I wasn’t jerking the weight. Happy with how light 75 pounds felt, must be gaining some strength with all the strict presses we’ve been doing.


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