Day 2 – 4.10.18


A. Pause clean x3 reps
60%x1 sets
70%x2 sets
75% x2 sets
80% x3 sets


B. At the top of each minute row 200m/170m for 10 minutes

Accessory Work

C. Every 1:30 for 18 min. Alternate between each movement.

1st minute:  Single arm DB bench press x8/side

2nd minute: Snatch Grip Pendlay Row x8

3rd minute: 4/2 deficit HSPU (45#/10#) with a 3 second pause at the finish position (feet together, head through, heels up – opens standards



  1. Beat up from yesterday, woof!

    A. 108-126-135-144oxoo
    1 miss at 144 in my first set of 3 so I redid it. No lifters but I did use my belt. Really diggin’ how good these have been feeling!

    B. 6:10
    Felt strong. Pace at 36-37 seconds was 1:44/500. 38s were at 1:47/500.

    C. DB BP: 20-25-30-30
    Pendlay Row: 65-65-65-80
    8 Seated L Press w/ DB: 20-20-25-25

    40min ROMWOD after.

  2. A) 150/175/190/205 no misses

    Catch position was a bit inconsistent today. Some were good and others i was on my toes.

    B) 40,42,42,42,42,41,42,42,41,40

    Was able to recover between each row just enough to maintain a 1:42-1:44 pace. On the :40 rows my pace was 1:38-1:39.

    Accessory work done.
    DB bench – 45/55/65/65
    Pendlay – 95/105/105/110
    HSPU – done

  3. A) 180-210-225-240
    No misses. Squat felt real strong Today. Felt I was leaning or shoulders were over the bar a little to much on some reps during the pause pos. Over all really like these pause cleans and snatches

    B) 39-40-40-41s on all rows
    1:40 pace for all sets

    C) accessorie work
    Bench 50#
    Pendlay row 95×2. 115 for the rest
    Hspu done

    Gymnastics extra
    30:00 worth

  4. A) 175 205 225 235
    Based off of 295
    These felt really good today. No misses and form felt good throughout. Started to get heavy with the 80% sets. The pause almost helps me mentally reset and make sure I hit all my points of performance in the second and third pull.

    B) Tough. All between :38 and :42. Slacked and coasted the last 25m of most sets.

    C) DB 45 50 60 60
    Row 95 105 105 105
    HSPU 4 across. Felt good. Worked on open standard

    • I agree on the pause – helps me catch higher on my thigh & finish my pull!


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