Speed Endurance Workouts – Week 2

Hopefully you were able to get out and do at least one of the running workouts last week.  For those of you who were there on Wednesday, I did video tape but did so upside down.  It isn’t my fault!  I video’d landscape and am left handed so I guess I turned it the left handed way.   I will video again probably on Saturday.

Workout #1:
Four sets of 4x 100M On The Minute with an additional 2 minutes rest between sets.   There is a lot of rest built into this workout so you will be able to run faster than you ran the 100Ms when we ran the 300M + 100M last week.  For these 100Ms, try to run fast and hit the same target each time.  Last week, Coach John ran the 300M + 100M workout and his 100M times were between :17-:20 seconds.  I set a target for him to be :17 seconds, although, I think he will be able to run faster.  He will shoot for :17 seconds for the first set then will see if he can push it to 16 or even faster after that.  Regardless what your target is, please shoot for a target that you can maintain through out the entire workout.

Workout #2:
Three sets of 4x 200M on :75.  Again, this is giving you more rest than when we did the 200M workout last week.  This means that you can push the pace and run a bit faster than last week.  Last week, Coach Marc ran his 200Ms with a target of :42.  I would say he can push that to :40 or even faster.  Especially if he does not go out too fast on the first one!

Please remember to enter your results in Wodify.  When you are at the gym, click “Add Performance” and then select “metcon”.  You will find the running workouts in there.



  1. Completed workout #1 with John, Candra & Erin this morning!

    Set 1:
    Set 2:
    Set 3:
    Set 4:

    Despite being sore from head to toe, these felt great today. The 18s interval occurred because I wasn’t sure if I should have kept a slower pace to maintain or not, but it felt too slow so shot for 17 again. Once I started hitting 16s per 100 I knew I could maintain it. I think I am going to shoot for 16s next time we do this.

  2. Workout 1

    Did this one this morning at the Medway High track. A little bit of wind but not unbearable.
    Felt good cardio wise. MAYBE could have pushed the pace a little bit.

    15 15 14 15
    14 15 15 15
    14 15 15 15
    14 16 15 15

    The last rep of the last set was a mental all out but still couldn’t break 15.


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