Day 3 – 4.11.18


A. 5 sets
A1. Hands to hips ring swings x3 + 2/1 RMU
This week we will add in the muscle up. Goal is be catching ourselves higher than that deep ring dip
A2. 6/4 kipping HSPU
Finish your position on HSPU – feet together, heels up, locked out


B1. DB Push Press (5-5-4-3-3)
B2. Strict toes to bar x5 (3 second descent of feet)


C. 6 RFT
10 Box jumps
10 Shoulder to overhead (135, 95)

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  1. Holy sore but feeling awesome!

    A. Didn’t do. Shoulder has been feeling awesome so I am staying off it for another couple of weeks!

    B1. 20-25-35-40-45
    Was able to hit 45# again.
    B2. 3-3-2-3-3
    I just discovered last week I can (mostly) do strict toes to bar now! The descent was too difficult so I just shot for 2-3 reps per round. Knees are still a little bent but working on it.

    C. 6:37
    STOH: UB, 5-5, 5-5, 5-5, 5-3-2, 5-3-2
    BJ: singles at first then switched to rebounding.

    Completed the 4×100 CFE run with John, Candra & Erin beforehand then did some gymnastics work before the workout.


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