A. 10 minutes on assault bike – remember, this is a WARMUP. I don’t really care how many cals you hit. Trying to flush out those legs…based on “feedback”

EMOM: :08 hard, :52 easy pedal
For the hard portion, think 90%, not 100%

Myofascia Release -DON’T SKIP THIS

B. 10 minutes on the foam roller

2:30 on your right leg IT band, 2:30 on your right leg adductor (inside of leg)
2:30 on your left leg IT band, 2:30 on your left leg adductor

Strength Conditioning

C. “Lynne”

5 Rounds for Max Reps of:
Bodyweight Bench Press

Once you come off the bar you are done. No dead hangs. If you come to a dead hang you are done. If you are feeling good feel free to do chest to bars pull ups. Work on butterfly (if that means chin over the bar pull ups then stick with that).