Cat Kilma is running the Boston Marathon for the 2nd straight Year! Get out on there and cheer her on!!

If you care about the “why” (or some of the why) of programming, read the italicized piece…otherwise skip on down to the usual programming. What you all should know is that there is a method to programming. My goal is not to “kill you” or “ruin your ability to sit on a toilet…or get up from it.” My goal is to show you can do what maybe you thought you couldn’t and get you more fit along the way. I tend not to write this stuff (or at least not that often) because I assume most don’t care. But 1) you should, because otherwise why do what we do and 2) I know some of you do care. So on a day where people are running a stupid amount of miles – here’s the why we do what we do.

Crossfit talks about these 10 general physical skills: 

Cardiovascular / Respiratory Endurance; Stamina; Strength; Flexibility; Power; Speed; Coordination; Agility; Balance; Accuracy

The goal of programming is that I want all of us to be all of these areas…perfectly. Obviously that doesn’t happen. Some of us have a great “cardio” endurance and struggle with strength. Some have great speed but lack accuracy. You get the picture. The bottomline: this is what, in my opinion, makes crossfit so much fun (and stressful) – there are always areas to improve. 

My point in all of this – when I program I do my best to look through the lens of the 10 general physical skills. Sometimes there is a bias towards a couple of pieces in a particular cycle (for instance, right now it is stamina and strength (e.g. the high volume squatting we have been doing or Lynne that we did last week)). But ultimately I want to include as many of these components so that we have a General Physical Prepardness program where we can tackle whatever comes at us. Instead of just hating, say wall balls, maybe if we were more accurate with hitting our target in the same spot consistently we may not hate them…or at least hate them less. When there is single leg and single arm work, perhaps I’m not just filling space for a day but trying to improve our balance. And the Turkish Get Up………well that’s just because of all the crap you give me. No, those things take coordination (putting all of the pieces together), strength (maintaining the position of a load overhead), flexibility (shoulder), accuracy (in positioning), stamina (not a whole lot that is fast about these), agility (shifting and move your feet well), power (think that first drive off the floor). In reading that list…maybe we need more TGU!

If you ever have any questions or wonder about this stuff…I love to talk about it. 


5 sets

A1. Strict ring dips x5/3 (pause at top and bottom for 3 seconds) (we did these two weeks ago, adding one more rep)
A2. Dual KB Single Leg Deadlift x6/side (KB in each hand, same weight, and perform a single leg deadlift)
A3. After you finish each side, with the same weight, perform 12 dual KB deadlifts (KB touch the ground)

Options for A1:
Ring push ups or Push ups with the same tempo


B. Crossfit Southie’s Marathon Monday

5 RFT:
4 Squat Clean-and-Jerks (185/135 lbs)
15 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups
13 Burpee Lateral Jumps


800 meter Run