Day 2 – 4.17.18


A. Pause snatch below knee, catch and pause 2s in the hole; 2 reps at each weight. (60%, 65%, 70%, 80%x3 sets)


B. Front Squats – 15 (40%), 12 (50%), 9 (60%), 6 (70%)


C. For time
20/17 cal row
rest :45
50 wall balls
rest :45
30/25 cal row
rest :45
40 wall balls
rest :45
40/33 cal row
rest :45
30 wall balls


  1. Day 2 of “working out.” Today work, as the day has progressed, has proven to be a poor decision. Shouldn’t have done that many wall balls. The first 50 were ok, but halfway through the 40 and then all the 30 I felt a pull and now I’m paying for that. Started limiting my depth as well.

    13:36. Rows were ok as long as I didn’t drive hard off my initial drive.
    Rows: 1:02, 1:38, 2:11
    WB: 1:57, 1:43, 1:15 -> no sets UB

    Did hang power snatches with a pause in the catch (took bar from the rack) x3 reps + 2 OHS with a pause in the hole. Didn’t go higher than 115.

    Have to be smart and today was not that. I got excited I was feeling a bit better.

  2. A. 94-101-109-125, exact %.
    One miss at 125. Marc pointed out my knees glide forward so that will be my focus with future snatches.

    B. 85-90-105-125
    Did this after the metcon, after seeing the morning classes do this I thought I would be able to rep these out faster but it took much longer than everyone else.

    C. 12:58 RX+
    Rows- :53, 1:25, 1:49. If I pull over 1000 I can get 1cal/2 pulls, if I pull close to 1200 I can get 1 cal almost every 1 pull, so I really want to dial that in & keep that pace.

    • Wall balls: 25-10-5-5. 12-10-10-4-4. 16-8-6.
      Wanted to try to go UB on these but that clearly did not happen. Shoulders were the limiting factor.

  3. A) 135 145 155 185(f1) 185(f2) 185(f1)

    Feeling a little run down from the 100m sprints on Sunday even after taking yesterday off. Up to 155 felt great. 185 was a little over percentage and felt slightly heavy. Pulls didn’t feel quite as crisp as usual and catch was a little forward all day. Not a bad day. Just slightly off.

    B) 135 165 195 235

    Front squats <3

    C) 12:12

    Unbroken WB weren’t too much of a struggle. Shoulders got a little tired towards the end. Looking at my HR graph I could have pushed the rows harder and still been ok for the WB I think. On the 40 cal row was averaging 2 cals per 3 pulls most of the way.

  4. A. Stuck with percentages and ended with 138# for 3×2. Positioning felt ok, somewhat wobbly at times in the hole.

    B. 80,100, 120,143. These were manageable

    C. 13:17
    Tried to keep the rowing above 1000. The last round I slipped into the upper 900s at times.
    WB- don’t know exactly how I split this up. Started with bigger sets then got to small sets. Tried to pick up the WB quickly after I dropped it.


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