Just a short month and a half ago, we started running these speed endurance workouts.  The weather is super for running now.  Whether you have been running these since April or if you are ready to start this week, let’s get at these.  If you can get a friend to run with you.  It doesn’t matter if you and your running mate run the same pace, you will still motivate each other!

Workout #1
3 sets of 4x 200M on 90 secs. Take an additional 90 secs rest between sets.  We have been running 200Ms on the minute so your target for these will be faster by several seconds because of the added rest time.  Try to start out conservatively for the first 2 reps in the first round then adjust to go faster accordingly.  Be sure you can maintain the same target pace for all 3 sets but do push the pace.  We are working on moving fast then getting our heart race down again.

Workout #2
Let’s have some fun and test out our training.  Run a 30 – 45 minute run.  Work the uphills!  Get out on the trails, if you can.  Feeling good and / or have you been running a bit more distance?  Go for an hour run.  Break it up by running up any hills HARD then recover back to your pace.  Finding yourself on a flat route?  Set your watch to interval timer 5 minutes running at pace then 1 minute running faster.

Have FUN!