Day 4 – 5.10.18

Doing conditioning at the front end. Warm up really well (if you wear a heart rate monitor you should be up around 130-140 before you get going). 


A. 4 RFT
400m run
15 Overhead squats (95, 65)
25/21 Cal on assault bike

Accessory Work

4 Sets

B1. Bicep Curls x8
B2. Tricep Extensions x8
B3. Stink Bug Variation x10/side
B4. Hips to rings


  1. A. 14:57

    3:33, 3:44, 3:57, 3:43
    Today was going to be a rest/CardioFit day because my legs needed it, but pretty happy with how this WOD went. All 400s were under 2 min, OHS were all UB, BJ were a combo of rebounds/no-rebounds. I finally figured out the best way for me to cycle OHS! I usually really struggle with cycling light OHS, but during the last round I found that if I keep the barbell a little farther behind my head & my torso a little forward that I can go MUCH quicker than I used to (I didn’t put my head through & kept the bar out front more).

    B1. 15-15-20-25
    B2. 15-20-20-25
    B3. 5# across.
    B4. Didn’t even know this was part of the workout, woops.

  2. A) 17:50


    Was relatively conservative on the bike to start (around 60-63rpm). Even at that pace my legs were like lead going into the second run. Was able to pick up the pace on the last two rounds on the bike and finish around 71-69rpm in round 4. Happy with my effort on this one.


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