Day 5 – 5.11.18


A. Power Snatch (Build to a heavy double in 8 min)

B. Behind the Neck Push Press (Build to a heavy double in 8 min)


C. UB complex x4 (on the 2 min): 2 Toes to bar+2 kipping pull up + 2 chest to bar pull up + 1 bar muscle up


40 Double unders
7 Bench press (135, 85)
3 Power snatch (90% of A)


  1. A) 95/115/125/135/145/155/160(close to full snatch)/165 both full snatches

    B) 135/155/170/185/195×1

    195 is a new 1RM. Wanted to try for 200 but that wasn’t happening

    C) didn’t do. Did some butterfly pull up practice after class

    D) 6+1 with 135#

    DU were ub. Bench was ub for the first 3 or 4 sets and then did 4+3. Snatches were singles. Round times were 1:13/1:23/1:25/1:23/1:18/1:19

  2. Felt good after taking the last two days off.

    A) Up to 185

    They were low but still power.

    B) Up to 235

    Extension felt strong. Really tried to focus on hip extension on both these movements today. Had to press out the 235 a little.

    C) Done.

    Like doing things like this to work on gymnastics. Was definitely easier. Could have done one every minute or 90 sec.

    D) 5+41

    Moved through this really well. Only one or two trips on DU. All bench UB, which I was happy about. Single PS at 165.

  3. A. 136# – a 1# PR! But….I didn’t limit it to 8 minutes…sorry, Marc.

    B. 125# – a 20# PR! Also…didn’t limit it to 8 minutes…sorry, Marc.
    I definitely had more in the tank if I had more time. I went for 130# easily & did a slight 2nd knee bend to make it a push jerk so I ended it there.

    C. Didn’t do. Still can’t do a pull-up without pain.

    D. 5+17 at 122#
    First round was awful. I tripped halfway through my dubs which shouldn’t have happened, went 4+3 on the bench, then missed my first snatch. After that, I went unbroken on dubs, unbroken on bench, then hit all 3 snatches within 20 seconds. This was a workout where I got much better as the rounds went on. I wish I kept track of what my times!


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