Day 1 – 5.14.18


A. Tabata Push Ups

8 rounds
:20 on/:10 off

This week is for max reps. Use the last three weeks as a gauge for how to work through this. Breaks are ok for this week. Target is as many reps as possible in the 8 rounds.

Squat Strength

B. Paused Front Squat (35X1 – 3 seconds down, 5 seconds in the hole (chest up!), explode out of the hole in solid upright position, 1 second at the top)
3@50%, 3@60%, 2%@70%, 2@75%, 2@80%

If you find yourself with your hips coming up first out of the hole drop your weight


C. For time
50 Wall balls (20, 14)
50 Toes to Bar
50 Wall balls (20/14)

Target is getting through this as quickly as possible. Don’t die out on t2b and don’t get buried on the 2nd set of wall balls. Smart but fast. Push your threshold. 


  1. A) 103 reps

    broke at least once in every sets – up to 4 times the last few sets.

    B) 155/180/210/220/240

    happy with how these felt. didn’t let my knees cave in at all except a little bit at 240

    C) 6:29
    wb: ub first set. 20+10+10+10 second set (3 no reps between both sets)
    ttb: 4+3s until 37ish then 2s and singles (2 no reps)

    WBs felt good in the beginning. I wish I had a plan going in to the second set of wall balls. Looking back I think I could have tried for 20+15+15 and taken a few seconds off my time. TTB didn’t feel great today. Tried to keep pace with Marc but started to fall apart in the mid 30s and got a few no reps. Had to go down to 2s and singles to finish

  2. A) 98 reps. 13, 14×4, 11, 10, 8. Started with the idea of 7+6 the whole way but then went 8+6. Fell apart in the 6th round.

    B) First time squatting under load so was cautious but also not sure I had more weight in me. Happy to not have hamstring issues but I did notice how tight my hips were. Less than %s. 115, 145, 175, 195, 215 (74%)

    C) 6:56.
    WB: 44+6
    T2B: sets of 3 up through 45 then singles for last 5
    WB: 15+8+random sets. Shoulders couldn’t handle the 2nd round.

  3. A) 80

    Well that sucked. Should have stuck with my 11s each round and getting more rest throughout.

    B) 175 210 245 265 280

    Percentages off 350. Felt good up to 280. Those two were a little struggle to get out of the hole but got them pretty easily. Definitely not super explosive though.

    C) 6:37

    Was excited for this one because I knew the WB sets would be unbroken, so I really wanted to push the T2B. Did 3s with a quick break up to around 35 and then triples and doubles for the last 15. Need to get more efficient with them.

    HRA 165
    HRM 175

  4. A. Barbell bench again. Last week I did 80 reps (10/round), today I did 117 I think? At least 14 a round.

    B. 95-105-120-131-140
    Tough but felt solid. Have a little knot in the side of my leg today so that was annoying during this & wall balls.

    C. 8:56 – first time doing toes to bar since the open! I am able to control my kip a little better with these rather than pullups, so they felt good. Started out with 2s then some singles.
    Wb: 35-15 then 19-11-then a few random sets.

    100 GHD situps after class then the CardioFit benchmark workout:

    Amrap 20:
    20 cal row
    20 situps
    20 burpees

    5+41 reps. Retesting this in 5 weeks.

    Core is going to be on fire the next few days…..


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