Day 3 – 5.16.18


4 rounds
Tall split jerk x3
no foot movement clean x2
Light to moderate weight.


A. Pause Clean + Clean + 2 Push Jerk (50%, 60%, 70%, 80%x2 sets, 80+% x2 sets)
You will do 1 pause clean (full clean – pause just below knee) + 1 full clean + 2 push jerks (not split jerks)


B. UB complex x4 (on the 2 min): 3 Toes to bar+2 kipping pull up + 2 chest to bar pull up + 1 bar muscle up


50 air squats
7 bmu
12 power cleans (155, 105)


  1. A) 125/150/175/190/205(missed first jerk)/205/210/220(missed first jerk)

    The miss at 205 was lack on concentration. Miss at 220 wasn’t even close. Both misses i felt myself let the bar go way too out front as i came up from the dip. Cleans all felt good

    B) didn’t do. Will make up sometime this week

    C) 9:11

    2:43 (BMU ub, singles on PC)
    3:22 (BMU ub, singles)
    3:06 (5+1+1, 3s on PC)

    Experimented a bit with the BMU and power cleans. Plan was to go 4+3 on BMU but they were feeling good so i tried for ub the whole time. Grip got sweaty at the end and i couldn’t hold on. Being able to do sets of 3 power cleans on the last set means i should have at least been doing that from the start. Squats were deceivingly hard in the second and third round

  2. Haven’t posted in a while…need to get back on it!
    A. done at light weight
    B. These felt really heavy today. Ended at 80% and stayed there for all 4 sets as it was heavy and form was starting to feel compromised
    C. Done. First time i’ve done these but was able to string the whole complex together every time. Did not run a clock though…
    D. 10:34. Controlled pace on AS as Erin warned me that these would get tough quick and I think that was a smart move. All UB on BMU but with resting at the top. I was feeling close to ripping my hands so did less of a swing and more of a hip thrust but still felt great. Started with singles on PC and then second set did 3 then singles and last set did 3s then 2s. As Joe said, probably should have started out stringing them together. Liked this one

  3. Couldn’t make it in today. Did the Cardio Fit tester today from home. My legs are soooooo sore….
    AMRAP 20
    20 cal row
    20 abmat situps
    20 burpees

    Target was that all rounds would be the same
    Remaining time for the 32 reps


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