Workout #1
4 sets of 4x 100M OTM.  Take an additional 1 minute rest between sets.  Target should be the same or faster than when you ran these on week 3.
If you have not run these before or if you are just starting with the Speed Endurance runs, run these in a controlled sprint.  The goal is to run FAST, learn how to recover then run FAST again.  Your target is to run the same time each time.

Workout #2
Pick Ups!  It is week 7 and time for us to test our progress.  We will run 10 sets of 2:30 / :30 pickups.  That means you will run 2:30 at a conversational pace, then run :30 FAST, as in ALL OUT!  If you have a watch with a interval timer, set interval 1 to 2:30 and interval 2 to :30.  Run 2:30 at conversational pace.  When your watch hits 2:30, run as fast as you can for :30 seconds.  When your clock hits 3:00, go back to running a conversational pace to recover.
If possible, run these in the same place you did them back on week 1 and see if you can get further this time!