Day 4 – 5.17.18


A. EMOM 15 (5 sets of each)
1st Minute: 15 Dual KB Deadlift (88, 70)
2nd Minute: Max effort strict ring dips (if you don’t have more than 5 then do sets of 2 unbroken until you hit the :30 mark)
3rd Minute: DB Row x8/side


B. With a 14 min running clock

Run 1 mile

In remaining time

15 GHD Situps
20 DB STO (60/40# – 10 on left then 10 on right)


  1. A) did 15 KB DL first round then scaled down to 10 after that.
    Ring dips: 14/14/14/14/11
    DB rows: 40/60/60/60/60

    B) 3+24 (9 reps into STO)

    Run: 6:36. Legs felt tired from the beginning. Running has been feeling good lately but today was tough to push the pace. STO was ub on each arm but i did put the weight down when switching arms. Left arm was much harder than the right.

  2. A) KB DL were tough but done
    Dips 10 8 6 5 6
    Rows 45 across

    B) 3+28

    While doing those KB DL I did not have high expectations for the run today but very pleased with it. Hearing Erin’s footsteps right behind me the whole time made me run a 6:47. I’ll take that any day. Right in and onto the AMRAP. All GHD ub and at a good pace. All STO ub with push jerks the whole time and putting the weight on the ground in between sides. As always left hand much harder than right. That weight was challenging but not awful.

    HRA 168
    HRM 180 on the run. That’s about as high as I’ve seen.

  3. A. DL done, tough.
    Did tricep kickbacks instead of dips, 10-10-10-15-15.
    Rows were 40# across.

    B. Mile- 6:49
    AMRAP- 3 rounds.

    Fasted mile I have run since high school! If Asa wasn’t in front of me I wouldn’t have been able to push that pace. Was at 3:22 at the half mile so I am really happy I kept that pace. I am a little nervous because the side of my hip was in a fair deal of pain after the run…worried I strained something.
    Took me about 90 seconds to get myself together & start the AMRAP, I pushed that run so hard & needed time to get going. That 40# s2oh was tough for me.

    Handstand work afterwards with everyone!


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