Day 1 – 7.30.18

We are transitioning into a new cycle where we will be focusing on the clean and jerk and snatch for our barbell work and consistent rounds to emphasize repeatable aerobic work. This is the time to train that system. I’d like us, as best we can, to track your times in each round of most workouts during this time so we can get an idea of how we pace. Repeatable work is king in this cycle.


3 sets of warm up
Press in clean x3
Power clean x2
Duck walk x 10 steps


A. 2 Clean Pull + 1 Hang Clean (On the 2 minutes)
2 sets @ 60%, 2 sets @ 70%, 2 sets @ 80%, 1 set @ 85%

B. Push Jerk – 5-4-3-2-2


C. Helen

3 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings, 53# / 35#
12 Pull-ups
Keep track of each round. If you need to break something by the later rounds, I want you to break them up in the earlier rounds (this should be an unbroken workout but if you know pull ups will be an issue, break them up early). 


  1. Cleans felt good today. First set at 70% felt heavy but after that all good

    B) 155-185-210-230-240
    These felt meh. Need to work on getting my head through more

    C) 8:40
    UB. :36 pr
    Chased Marc this whole wod. That’s all I got. Just tried to stay close to him

    D) endurance run
    4 sets 8:00 conversational
    2:00 faster
    4 miles + 500m
    Distance is definitely tough for me but today went well I think. No walking and was able to lower my heart rate at times. Small wins

  2. Primer: done.

    A. 110-125-145-155
    No clue why, but my hang squat cleans always feel better than my full squat cleans.

    B. 105-125-145-155-160ox
    Pressed the 2nd rep at 160 too far out, couldn’t recover it. The ribs under my right shoulder blade are a little jammed up, felt tight today.

    C. 9:49
    I have never done Helen before so wasn’t sure how this was going to go, pretty happy with it & actually liked it a lot!
    All KBS unbroken; first 2 sets of pull ups were butterfly 3×4, last round was a few butterly then had to switch to kipping.
    Runs were the weakest part today & round times were-
    3:28 (pull ups were too broken up here)

    Gymnastics work after including rope pulls, pull-ups & lots of core.

  3. A. With percentages – 150, 175, 205, 215. Felt confident with these today.
    B. I’ll tell you – last Friday’s DB STO for 80 reps workout did a number on my triceps…Push jerks were uncomfortable and work for me. Felt inconsistent.
    165×5, 185×4, 205×3, 215×2, 220×2

    C. 8:08
    Best time at this space previously was 8:24 (also had an 8:30 something and an 8:40something). Lifetime was 8:00 at old space. Feel there was maybe a chance of that. Finished the KBs in the last round at 7:49…then walked over to the rig as I was nervous about not being able to hang on for the 12 pull ups. Wished I went right into it.
    Happy with the consistency of times: 2:36, 2:48, 2:44


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